Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tagaytay Trip in less than 1000 pesos

Where: Tagaytay City
What: 2nd set of itinerary

As promised to you, I went again to this very interesting and palatable city, armed with a new set of nooks to visit and to eat at. There’s just seriously too many to choose from. Even if we had a limited budget, that did not hamper us to have a food trip!

I came from Manila and rode a bus from Pasay terminal. My fare was PHP 100  in total.

1. Mahogany Market

TO GET HERE: from Olivares Plaza, ride a jeep with the sign NBI and not Mendez Hi-Way. It will drop you off right in front of the market. Fare is PHP 8.


We ordered the special bulalo, a dish of tender beef with vegetables on a clear soup (PHP 350 good for 3-4 persons). Rice is 10 pesos, but we ordered only half. It was sufficient enough, plus the fact that bananas, pineapples, and Barako coffee are unlimited. Yay! Help yourselves!

For lunch, I paid PHP 126.

Next, we explored the lively market place which is huge. Varied potted plants, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh and quality meats, and many more are found here.


2. Caleruega Church

This is located in Nasugbu, just a short way from where we were. We rode on a bus with the sign Nasugbu (PHP 25) and got off at Batulao. There, tricycles were already lined up that will take you right to the church. Fare is PHP 20 each. The driver had told us firsthand to get his number so that we can text him if we want to be fetched. It is a long walk indeed from Caleruega and no public vehicles pass by there.

Entrance fee is PHP 30 which is very sulit!


Don’t forget to check out the hanging bridge, koi ponds, and camping site on the low land (like we nearly did).


3. Mushroom Burger

Our tricycle driver brought us back to Batulao, where we got a jeep going back to Tagaytay (PHP 45 again).

Mushroom sandwich meal w/ fries and iced tea – PHP 97

4. Starbucks

And since it was still early, we whiled away the time here, where there is a terrific view of Taal Volcano. It’s on the same highway as Mushroom Burger and just near, so the jeep fare is just PHP 8. I ordered a green tea frappe (my favorite) (PHP 165).


Going home to Los Banos, Laguna:
A jeep with the sign Olivares took us to the terminal (PHP 8) and there we rode a van going to SM terminal, Crossing Calamba (PHP 70). From there, jeep is PHP 20 straight to College, Los Banos.


TIME OF MY LIFE <3 <3 <3


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