Thursday, May 23, 2013

Adjustments with the Sail

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When I created this blog a year ago* I envisioned this to be a full-blown travel blog with a food category under it (a food trip is, after all, a journey and explorations too. Agree?).

Instead of an online journal full of ramblings with no clear direction, I decided then on focusing on one or two topics to center on. I had read that this is ideal for blogs.

However, as much as I lust for weekly or even  daily unique expeditions to jot down and share with readers, I am still a student and reality demands austerity as of now. Hey, one more year to go and I’ll be free of the demands of an academic life *fingers crossed.*

Until then, my RTW trip has to wait patiently for me like a lover does for his supposed soulmate.

I do not want to abandon this again for a long period of time (er, like what I did last year during my first semester when I experienced my most hectic semester to date). Being busy with school and whatnots hindered me not only from blogging but also from traveling in order to have something to blog.

I felt like I had nothing to offer.

Forgive my reverie of a post here but bless this because this is the start of what I expect to be a series of posts catering not only to specific needs of readers but also for myself.

Because I want a release of the muddled thoughts addling my brain (John Green had put it perfectly: “My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom to constellation.”) Because I want to practice writing. Because I want to write when inspiration conks me in the head and would not let me sleep. Because the possibilities are endless. Because “the possibilities are endless” is my motto in life.

Don’t get me wrong; travel and places and food will still be the stars of my blog, and those that I will put in non-fitting categories I will try to still connect with my foremost passion.

And until my next adventure---yes, I have a few already planned and even booked for this year (yay!)---I’ll be here, making use of my little niche in the immense cyber world. Being a netizen, after all, is free. And so is being a writer.

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3


*I started my blog last May 2012. My 2011 posts were backlogs; I posted them with the actual month the trips took place.


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