Saturday, March 2, 2013

Where to Stay in Sagada: Shamrock Tavern

Where: Shamrock Tavern
What: modern and furnished lodging place in Sagada

Yes, transient houses and inns in Sagada are really cheap. Nope, it won’t even cost you more than 1000 pesos per night! Biyahe Ni Drew: Sagada feature had pointed out that the most you will spend here for a night is 300 pesos. Now, how we wish the same applies to all other tourist spots, haha.

Our travel agency, Solomon Travel and Tours, booked us to this completely furnished and cozy inn atop a small cemented hill. It’s very modern and clean; it could pass up for a nice inexpensive hotel.


At the fa├žade. Beside us was our service jeep for our entire stay.


Our room: (good for 3)


View from the terrace:



Address: McKingking, Sagada
Contact #: 09301955680

Their location is very convenient and accessible. It’s just near Lemon Pie house, and walking distance to the town proper and to the cave entrances.
Apparently, they are one of the newest buildings there, so no need to worry about facilities. Read: WIFI zone, LCD TV at the lobby, hot shower, etc.

Here’s a little something: a day-by-day anthology in our room, summed up in these pictures Smile



Showing off more than our t-shirts Smile with tongue out

The spacious dining areas served as our canteen for 2 days, as all our meals were fixed there. The meals  were mostly priced at 90-100 pesos but reasonably so ‘cause the servings are huge. Although if you’re going with a large batch, well, give a heads up to the kitchen people early if you want to order because with us, it took eons for them to serve our food. We had finished already a big fat slice of custard cake (available there too)---yung totoo, una dessert?--- and our hunger abandoned us already, so by the time you food comes somehow the appreciation is lesser.

The whole building is frozen, esp. at night even though there are absolutely nooo aircons. Fireplace is up and running at night though---heaven!---and hot showers are working---savior!. I actually enjoyed taking a bath, especially after rolling in grime the whole day. I love the mist enveloping me as I stay under the hot stream of water until I remember that I have roommates waiting for their turn, so I sheepishly cease the cozy moment.

Another cozy moment: hoarding the fireplace and clutching my hot mug of tea before lights out (which is 9 pm; Sagada has a strict curfew at night).

And oh, see those stairs above? Well, you’ll soon be cursing them after a day or two. Haha. I pretty sure sounded like a grouchy old lady, saying, “oooohh, my poor hips and back.” So I suggest readying your body before taking on Sagada if you’re only sport and physical activity is surfing… the net.

So, yeah, albeit the ultimate adventure with nature, we had a very comfortable accommodation and stay.

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3


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