Monday, March 4, 2013

Where to Eat in Sagada: Lemon Pie House

Where: Lemon Pie House
What: an afternoon of relaxation and tangy pies

Address: Atey, Daoangan, Sagada
Contact number: (63) 907-7820360

We only had one free afternoon in Sagada, and we decided to just go around the town and chill after an adrenaline-filled morning (read: Sumaguing Cave Spelunking). My friends decided to scour the whole town for the best pasalubongs but since I only want one souvenir shirt, I scoured the area instead for FOOD TRIP!

We went first to Yoghurt House which I heard was a must-visit restaurant. Unfortunately, they were out of yogurts at that time (boohoo). I just bought a pack of Lemon Oatmeal Cookies (100 php) and I gotta tell you until now I still dream of those cookies which I cannot find anywhere in the metro (help, does anybody know where can I get lemon oatmeal cookies in Manila?).

So another option is this restaurant, and we stayed there the whole afternoon. So dim and cozy in there! And the pies were swak na swak at 25 peso/slice. Aha, so I found another pasalubong to take home. Plus I bought a slice of their egg pie (25 php) which is also heavenly but sweeter than the lemon counterpart.
And the pies were so cute.

God that mountain tea with milk feels so much like…home. Can’t explain why.

Anyway, don’t ever forget to drop by here okay?

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3


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