Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to Go to Sagada: Sidetrip to Banaue

Where: Byahe to Sagada via Banaue
What: Day 1 of Sagada Adventure part 1

Since we have our own rented bus (a very, very chilly bus!), it was a comfortable ride save for the, I don't know, subzero temperature inside. We're just around 25 or less people, so most of us got to have our own row of seat! Yey. I was able to lie down and sleep. We left Los Banos at around 10:30 pm and when I woke up, we were at a stop over in Nueva Vizacaya at 6 am. Quick breakfast! I opted for their own brand of instant coffee and a native suman (sticky rice delicacy) which costs just 4 peso/piece. Not sweet but I like it! I forgot how they call it. And so we continue our journey to Banaue first, for a very late breakfast.

Another picturesque stopover.
At last! Welcome to Banaue.
We had brunch (it was near noon already) at Banaue Heritage Cafe, which has a very ideal location for viewing the terraces.
 The humble little facade of the restaurant.
It was a quaint little cafe with a very indigenous touch in its decors. I picked the native longganisa with fried rice and egg plus black tea for my meal.
What a view, no?
Native touches.

Outside the restaurant, rows of souvenir shops can be found, along with the 'entrance' to the viewing point of the Banaue Rice Terraces.
Cool wooden handicrafts and weaving products! Some of my classmates bought knitted gloves and bonnets for the cold climate of Sagada.

A local giggly kid who runs and hops around like a pro while we city folks were nervously clutching each other at the steep and rocky pathways.
 Since we transferred now to a jeep, we can now...TOPLOAD! The first thrill of adventure begins! Of course I have to try it. I made it sure since our driver allowed only 5 people at the top for safety.
All we can say is...WOOOOOOOO!
You can see how the harsh wind whips our hair. Effort ang paghawak ko sa camera ha! Good thing I have a strap to it. My other hand was losing all its blood clutching on the metal bars while I hang on for dear life.
Front and top seat for a surefire best view.
We were all just literally shouting and shouting. IT WAS SO FUN! The wind, the super coldness,the crazy twists and turns, the crazier roads with no fences at all. My friend was yelling, "I trust you centripetal force for my life!" Yes, it was all that's saving  us from being hurled to a thousand or so feet drop from the mountains. Roller coasters in amusement parks have no competition here.
Sadly, they have to cease the topload experience upon reaching this point.

Finally, we're in Mountain Province, where Sagada is located. 
Can you see how foggy it was here? And this was noon time! We were literally in the clouds. Just imagine how cold it was then.

What are they even doing? Haha. Out of tiredness, I think they has mistaken the road for our bed.

After that very high point, we traversed downward again. Up down, right, left, curve! It was insane and unpredictable. Anyway, we had more stopovers for photo ops. We're not in the clouds anymore so we're beginning to feel the heat on our exposed skin (read:our face).
Boohoo. Why did they have to build houses beside rice terraces? I think it ruined the view.

Sagada, where art thou? Why so tagal? Haha. The trip was so long already. It was past 1 pm already and we haven't even reached our destination. We haven't taken a bath yet! Or a proper sleep. Not complaining though. I'm just excited to reach Sagada.  
Makapaglakad na nga lang. Haha.

Read my next post for the next part of the adventure ;p
TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3


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