Saturday, October 20, 2012

Where to Party in Manila: Harbor Square

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Where: Jazz Simple Ambiance RestoBar
What: night out with friends
My friend did ask a bit late already--at 8PM--for a bar 'experience' she said. But who are we to resist? Haha. We always love a night of get-together, even if it's so random and so suddenly (that's why I love my friends---one call and we're good to go!). Anyway, we decided to try out bars in Manila. Nope, not in Malate but in Harbor Square---which is actually located in Pasay City, just beside the Cultural Center of the Philippines.
There are a lot of restaurants in Harbor Square, like Yellow Cab, Pancake House, Asian grills, bars, etc. plus some shops. Our chosen bar, Jazz Simple Ambiance RestoBar is on the 2nd floor. The restaurant is situated outside, where you can dine al fresco with a great view of Manila Bay. Inside is the bar with all the workings---lights, DJ, music, and of course, alcohol.

 My crazy friends and I.

A tower of Zombie mix.
For a mahaba-habang gabi.

Dancing area (quite small though).
funfunfun all night (and morning) long :P

Here's their link: JSA

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: Harbor Dr, Pasay City, Philippines


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