Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Where to Go in Laguna: Isdaan (at night)

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Where: Isdaan Restaurant
What: A friend's farewell
It was my college friend's despedida dinner; he would be leaving for Saudi Arabia next week. To have our last (for now) get-together, he treated us to Isdaan. This is my 2nd time here but we went there before for lunch (CLICK HERE to see post) so this is the first time I get to experience being here at night. And, it's wonderful, I tell you. The lights made the place more dreamy, if not romantic.
This restaurant probably has the longest menu I have ever seen. It's due to the fact that it's actually comprised of many restaurants who pooled together their menus to come up with a very huge variety of foods to choose from (and a very very huge themed restaurant: the place is enormous). They have Filipino food mostly, but I was surprised that they even serve Japanese, haha.

Their theme for this month is Masskara Festival.

 Our own cottage (yup, solo namin!).

Right at the second floor, where the view is better.

A platter of fried goodies along with various dips and mangga at bagoong (green mango and shrimp paste). Just one of our many viands, hehe. 

Cute little kaldero of rice.

Just some of the numerous statues found in this crazy-themed park (mind you, they don't have the concept of specificity).

Yes, they are dinosaur eggs. 

It's just a shame that it was already 10pm by the time we finished eating. We did not get to tour the whole place (at least I had before).

 Great ambience, musicians, performers, good food, good friends. And very Filipino :)
TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3

Location: Calauan, Philippines


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