Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What to see in UPLB: C-Park

It's been our tradition that every last day of the semester, we have to don our best porma clothes and take a group picture at C-Park in our campus. So here it is! 
With my pretty (as I--- lol!) friends and the picturesque facade of our campus, the one you will see first as you enter UPLB at its main gate (FYI, there's actually no gate, just an entrance; but we still call it UP gate). Behind us is the Kwek-Kwek tower (I forgot about the history of its name). Funny no? It actually bores the emblem of the College of Agriculture. C-Park is a hangout of place of students, usually for a group or org meeting or just to kill time while waiting for our next class.
Location: University of the Philippines Los Baños, Kanluran Rd, Los Baños, Philippines

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