Monday, July 2, 2012

Treats After a Stressful Month

This June was probably the most challenging June I have experienced yet to date.

Having used to my usually not-so-heavy load (regular 18 units every semester), and not yet having major subjects in my first 2 years in college, I was quite shocked with the super duper heavy workload my Junior year brings. I was instantly flooded with papers to on my first week of classes. Add the workload from my part-time online tutor gig (in which I'm still in training and I have to complete a certain no. of hours in just a month). The next week, I was more floored when I learned that we have a Diagnostic Exam in my Thea 107 (Theater Productions) class. The said exam was a part in the event that took place last June 26 (more details about my first theater prod HERE). And, lastly, the responsibilities in our organization entails time too.

It was a...terrible week. Don't get me wrong, I am still enjoying my college life (note the word still, haha). But then too much is too much. I can't control time, and no matter how much caffeine or energy drink I intoxicate my body with, it will still get tired. And I have to give up a few things and cry a bit because I was just so so stressed.

Enough with stressing myself! What I need is...comfort food, what else? ^_^
Foodtrip na ito!

(disclaimer: I do not own the pictures, as my camera is still under repair. Huhu)

Where: Racks, Greenhills
What: Let's start with something heavy: how about "The Best Ribs in Town"?

Photo from:

Enjoyed the salad; not the chicken strips though. Too much pepper. Of course, the pork ribs is a classic. Perfectly soft.

Where: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, TriNoma
What: Dessert! Blueberry Cheesecake (I'll never get tired of this)

Photo from
This is yummy! Blueberries on top of Coffee Bean's Chicago Cheesecake. Both tangy and sweet and tastes very similar to a Lemon Cheesecake. Blueberry + lemon = salivating :))))

Where: Persia Grill, SM North Sky Garden
What: capping off the night

Photos from
Lamb Steak and Chelo Kebab Kubudeh. I actually got the combination of kebab and chicken tikka instead of the 2 kebabs above. Their rice is Persian---long, thin, and dry. The dip of the kebab is eggplant and yogurt mix. The kebab is too peppery for my taste, but the lamb steak is superb.
 Their location in SM North Sky Garden is cool, making it a perfect place for chill, hangout, beer nights with barkada. True to that, most of the customers there were indeed barkadas having a chill, beer night out.

 photo from
Where: Secret Recipe, Shangri-La Mall
What: sweet sweet dinner

photos from
Irish Lamb Shank, White Chocolate Macadamia cake, Marble Cheesecake
Lemon tea pa lang, okay na! Natural tea stirred in your glass and a slice of lemon for zest. Mmmhmm. And then the lamb. It is sooooo tender and flavorful. You won't need rice because the bread and mash potato with the lamb is perfect enough for it. Of course, desserts in Secret Recipe are winners! Tried their bestsellers, White Chocolate Macadamia and Marble Cheesecake. Heavy on the tummy, sweet but not so much that you won't stop eating till its last crumb. Sweet sweet.

For such a tiring and stressful month, these are more than great for me. Comfort food all the way!
I wonder what July will bring? Better yet, the rest of this semester? Hmmm. Oh anyway there will always be new foods to try in case things get woeful. Haha.

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3


  1. Mmmm everything looks delicious!

    1. Sure is! Thanks for dropping by :D