Friday, June 1, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman Exclusive Screening

Where: Shang Cineplex, EDSA Shangrila Mall
What: (free) movie time!

I joined this blogging contest of Nuffnang and Skin White and got 2 free tickets to the screening of Snow White and the Huntsman movie. Yey! Check this link to know more about the contest (although it's finished already folks):
Nothing like a good movie on a Friday night; and the best thing? Free :) And more good luck, I really wanted to see this movie. Two words why: Chris Hemsworth. LOL.
They did not only gave tickets, but also gift packs from Skin White! 

Guess what? I won more Skin White products! Haha. I won in the Bring Me contest done shortly before the movie started and got a bigger loot to top the free gift packs earlier. Call me lucky or what :P

Full house! Skin White and Nuffnang gave out 200 free tickets! 

Check out more photos from their fan page:

Before the movie started, we had dinner first at Sumo Sam, a Japanese restaurant in Shangrila Mall.
Our dinner :) Seafood Yakisoba, Chicken Teriyaki plate for me, and my drink: Oreo Cookies & Cream Milk Tea. The food was okay but not exceptionally delicious, but I looove my milk tea. This for me was the highlight of the dinner, actually. Haha. The flavor was addicting; or it's just probably me since I love milk teas. For appetizer, we had California Roll. I like it, especially the kani atop it; I wan't able to take a picture though.

The movie was good too--not the story, which we already are all familiar with, of course--but the cinematography and effects and fighting scenes were incredible. It's a good thing they chose Shang Cineplex because their cinema provided really high quality watching experience (it should better be, at 230 pesos regular ticket price!). And I really commend Charlize Theron. She's an awesome actress, and freaking scary as the Evil Queen.
 Fun night! 

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3

Location: EDSA Shangri-La Mall


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