Saturday, June 9, 2012

My One Week Affair With...

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What did you thought of, huh? Haha. Anyway, I'm a sucker for drinks/beverages--coffee, chocolate, juices, milk teas, beer. This week, my craving for them was so intense that I sought for them...everyday! 
Also, I found it amusing how baristas spell my name on my cup. INAH. INAH. So simple, yet so many variations. 

Since I have no money at hand yet, I opted for something found right at home: my box of Lipton Milk Tea! My quick fix especially on days that I'm seriously craving for milk tea and I have no money to spare for a hundred peso tall one at a cafe somewhere. 
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So hot and boring was this Tuesday afternoon that I went to myself. Hah! It's okay, my Royal Milk Tea with Pudding kept me company. I also went in serious shopping mode. Although I went home empty-handed. Haha. Some serious window shopping it was.
Happy Lemon branch at Trinoma.
Who the hell is NINA?

Moonleaf--the one who started it all. Well, for me. Moonleaf started my love affair with milk teas. I had tried several of their flavors, but my favorite is Jasmine Milk Tea, with additional pearls. Less costly than Happy Lemon, but still delicious nonetheless.
Moonleaf Tea Shop branch at St. Thomas Square, Manila.
Who the hell is YNA?

Happy Lemon again?? Yes they have a large selection of drinks, and you'll want to try them all for sure. So I veered away from milk teas and tried the Lemon Yakult. It was okay, full of ice though which gave me brain freeze. However I don't like a plain drink; I should have added some pearls or jelly. I prefer my friend's order, Blueberry with QQ Jelly, probably since I love blueberries. 
Happy Lemon branch at the Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center.
NINA again? What is it with those Happy Lemon baristas? Haha. Coincidence?

I always order coffee in Starbucks, but since today I want to rest later and did not want any caffeine to keep me up all night, I opted for Choco Chip frappe. Add the Oreo Cheesecake. Redundant much? Haha. I don't care :P
Starbucks branch at Trinoma. Lucky to have snagged the big couch despite the crowd!
Who the hell is MICHAEL?
Okay, so Starbucks was the only one that managed to ask the spelling of my name. I-N-A-H, I said. So, come my drink, and--toinks--written on it was Michael. So fail! Haha. The barista explained that my name and that of another customer's got switched. And I thought I'll finally have my name right on my cup. LOL.
Maybe next time I'll use my other name...LUZCYL. Good luck to the baristas with that! Haha.

So after all this, what did I get? I won't tell you, 'cause it's quite yucky and embarrassing and involving my tummy. Haha. I said I'll stick to water, until I remembered that I still have my milk on the fridge, and it needs to be finished within 5 days, meaning until today. One last time, perhaps? Haha. Ooohh my poor tummy. Maybe I'm actually lactose intolerant but I ignore it somehow. lol.

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3


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