Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Where to Jog in Manila: CCP

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Where: Cultural Center of the Philippines
What: not watch, no, jog!
While still closed in the wee of hours of the morning and no plays and concerts to be shown, CCP becomes a haven for fitness buffs. My friends invited me one summer day to JOG at 5 am. The last time I went here to  jog/bike was when I was still 9 or 10 years old. This cleaner area of Manila near the bay is actually ideal for fitness activities because although it's not really a park, there were grassy areas allotted for resting area or even aerobics. There are areas for playing badminton. You can rent bicycles and go around the wide open roads without so much vehicles disturbing you (however I don't know if there were still some; I did not see the bike rentals when we jogged there). What surprised me midly was the fact that we well actually jog in CCP, not inside but at its facade, at its elevated facade, the 'CCP RAMP'. Oh god that had been really a challenge for me. Jogging in a sloping land. Just cut off my legs!

Stretching in Luenta Park, our starting point.
Jogged through Luneta to Manila Ocean Park area to UN to Roxas Blvd.
The Manila Bay looked so clean and quiet at daybreak.
And here we are! At the CCP complex. I won't back down on the challenge.
Sunrise at Manila. Good thing about the skyscrapers here? They block the rising sun so it did not get hot immediately, ideal for joggers who want to prolong their exercise, lest they want to be burned.

I haven't counted how many rounds I did. But I do know that when it's sloping upwards already, I just walk. Hah. My friend told me I looked 'agaw-buhay' na. Sorry for not being a health buff. I actually have no sports whatsoever.

Aliw Theater and Star City, popular recreational destinations in Manila; just beside CCP.

Til next time CCP! I'll conquer you again. 

Taho in the sidewalk for a quick breakfast after jogging.

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3

Location: CCP Ramp, Pasay, Philippines


  1. You have a very colorful blog. I enjoyed reading your CCP story.

  2. Hi! Glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for reading :) And yes, I love things to be colorful and lively and 'un-boring' heehee