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Where to Go in Manila: Fort Santiago

Where: Fort Santiago
What: a collection of photos of the melancholy yet charming Old Manila

Did you know? Entrance fee in Fort Santiago is 50 pesos for students (bring you ID) and 75 pesos for adults.

Did you know? This is the Plaza del Moriones (Plaza de Armas). It is located near the entrance to the Fort Santiago but was not included in the original fort.

Did you know? Intramuros literally means 'within the walls'.

Did you know? If you want information regarding the place, go in here, the Visitors Center; they help visitors and give maps and information regarding tours.

Did you know? Fort Santiago is an important historical site in the country. Many prisoners were kept here and lost their lives; the national hero Dr. Jose Rizal was kept here too before his execution on Dec. 30 1898.

Did you know? This is a little old chapel tucked behind, nearly hidden.It's not open for visitors though.

Did you know? It became a main fort for the spice trade to the Americas and Europe for 333 years.

 Did you know? moat connected with the river separates the fort from the city. However this moat was turned into the now golf course.

Did you know? The location of Fort Santiago was once the site of apalisaded fort, armed with bronze guns, of Rajah Sulaiman, a Muslim chieftain of pre-Hispanic Manila.

Did you know? This is the actual gate of Fort Santiago. Fort Santiago is located in Intramuros, the 'Walled City' of the Philippines; Manila used to be just the area inside the walls of Intramuros during the time of the Spaniards conquer.

Did you know? After is destruction during WWII, Fort Santiago was declared as a Shrine of Freedom in 1950.

Did you know? Fort Santiago is one of the top 10 endangered architectural sites according to the Global Heritage Fund.

Did you know? The Rizal Shrine museum displays memorabilia of the hero in their collection.

Did you know? An original portrait of Leonor Rivera, one of Rizal's serious girlfriends and also his cousin. Their love story was tragic and sad.

Did you know? Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not). One of Rizal's most powerful and influential masterpieces, that also contributed to the imminence of his death.

Did you know? Fort Santiago, the 16th century military defense structure, stands witness to the valor and heroism of the Filipino through the centuries. 

Did you know? "Ang Piitan" (The Cell). Rizal was kept in this room before his public execution.

Did you know? These are actual clothes of Dr. Rizal made for him by his sister.

Did you know? Engraved on the walls of this room are some of Rizal's powerful words.

Death by gunshot. Bagumbayan, 1898.

Did you know? The dungeons. The witness to the final dark moments of many prisoners, who died from starvation and suffocation.

Did you know? Arches supported an open gun platform above, named the battery of Santa Barbara, the patron saint of all good artillerymen

Did you know? This is an obscure postern gate - the Postigo de la Nuestra Señora del Soledad (Postern of Our Lady of Solitude).

Did you know? Embedded onto the ground in bronze are Jose Rizal's footsteps representing his final walk from his cell to the location of the actual execution.

This place is built for commemoration for Jose Rizal, featuring his statue in the middle and this museum.

Did you know? The fort was named after Saint James the Great(Santiago in Spanish), the patron saint of Spain, whose relief adorns the façade of the front gate.

Did you know? On August 13, 1898, the American flag was raised in Fort Santiago signifying the start of the American rule in the Philippines. 

If you want a day tour of Fort Santiago/Intramuros, you can arrange for tour guides, and even Kalesa rides.
There's much more to see in the Walled City like the St. Augustine Church (one of the 4 churches in the Philippines that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites) and the Manila Cathedral. 
Manila Cathedral: across the street from Fort Santiago

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Location: Fort Santiago, Manila, Philippines


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