Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where to Go in Laguna: Isdaan

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This is a newly opened restaurant in San Pablo City (in Laguna) that will pass up for a theme park, swear! Minus the rides though. But really, everywhere you'll see statues and decorations and figures of characters, add the nipa huts and flowers and the mini lakes and it sure was a picturesque place.

Where: Isdaan Floating Restaurant, Calauan Laguna
What: Lunch
It was a typical Monday and of course most UPLB students don't have classes (I had a hour class every Monday though). My friend then invited us to have lunch at this new restaurant just past Los Banos. So we drove there and was taken with fascination. This place was huge and creative and quirky! The sights are enough feasts for the eyes, so much that we enjoyed our photo ops here. Hehe. Anyway, food is good too. We had lechon kawali, Bicol Express, kare-kare, and many more. They serve Filipino cuisines, and I was so full after. The pansit was good too. For desserts, they bought pastillas and yema at the Aling Nene's Pasalubong shop right there. Foods are reasonably priced; though I suggest not to order drinks if you are with a big group--that is a huge amount of savings for you.
This restaurant is fairly accessible since it's located at a national highway. It was a good thing also that we visited this place on a Monday. I heard that it is so flocked during weekends that there might be a long waiting time.
I don't know exactly what the theme of this restaurant is; seems like jumbled and mixed. But there doesn't seem to be a dull area in here! :)

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: Calauan, Philippines


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