Sunday, December 18, 2011

What to See in UPLB: Night version

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The three models of UPLB! Presenting... Joya, Inah, and Gill. :))))
Okay, I know I know we sound crazy, and yes we act crazy. But our looks make up for it *chokes and gasps*. Haha, seriously, I present to you our campus at night! Its entirety is bathed in soft golden light when darkness plunges, the breeze is cool and not harsh (except on December January!), making it a perfect place to chill at night (we don't have malls here to hang out at, okay? This is not Manila.) Pictures above are taken at the main entrance of the campus,and behind us is the park filled with people at night--students having group meetings or org meetings, Sampaguita-selling street children playing around, vendors selling turon and mais--and especially on Christmas season--families taking pictures at our famous Christmas campus decorations. Since my roommates and I are notoriously camwhore freaks who hold pictorials every now and then, we cannot miss out on the festive spirit of the place and yes we have to capture them (featuring ourselves of course lol).

Merry Christmas!

The Freedom Park behind.

The infamous UPLB banga. They just suddenly sprouted last year and up to now they are growing in number all over the campus. We don't know what is their purpose, and they had become the stuff of humor, legendary stories, and annoyance--because really, they are utterly useless! Ugh. They don't even look pretty.

STOP! This is the end! Teehee.

Only in UPLB :P
TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: University of the Philippines Los Baños, Kanluran Rd, Los Baños, Philippines


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