Friday, September 30, 2011

What to See in UPLB: Day version

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Where: University of The Philippines Los Baños campus
What: mini-pictorial
The original purpose of this was for our video project in my SPCM 102 (Voice and Diction) class. We used the different landmarks in our campus as our backdrops. Never mind the cards we're holding :P

When you enter our campus at the main gate (though technically there is no gate), this is what will greet you.
Behind them is the C-park, with the famous Kwek-kwek Tower (don't ask for the origin of those names, haha).
At the entrance of the College of Development Communication bldg.
Near the College of Economics and Management (their buildings are scattered).
IBS bldg. This is where frogs and cockroaches get dissected (okay, you don't need to know that).
Posting outside the New College of Arts and Science bldg (NCAS) which houses the departments shown above. This is also my 'home' building (I'm under the Dept. of Humanities). 

SEARCA bldg. The canteen here is one my favorite places to eat, usually during lunch.  
That building atop the hill is our main library. Yes it had to be that far.

You'll lose 10 pounds before reaching our library. And don't get me started on where College of Forestry and Natural Resources (CFNR) is. Haha.

NCAS building
At the 'sunken' lobby of the Student Union bldg. 
Student Union (SU) bldg. Oh and yes there is a 7-11 store here. I go here usually between classes to bask in the AC and buy a very cold drink.

Women's Dorm. For female upper students only (no freshmen).
Our immense field---Freedom Park. Haven of lovers, joggers, soccer players, and Frisbee players.
At the steps of our famous D.L. Umali Auditorium.

What can I say? I love our campus. It is our home :) Though my apartment was off-campus, but only a 5-10 minute walk away. Our campus is also the largest in the Philippines, and you will need a half or even a whole day to walk in every nook and cranny of it. Even though life as students can get hellish, you can always find refuge in our campus (stay away from your classrooms though). Grab a friend, stroll around the park, lie down on the grass, and breathe in the air, and it will surely calm you. It's a relaxing place, trust me; almost like a retreat house, as my friend once described it. So when you feel all the pressure and stress kicking in, remember, alcohol nature can be your best friend :P (and, okay, a few bottles would definitely help....Oops. Hehe)

I have a night version! If you want to see UPLB at night! Click here. :)

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: University of the Philippines Los Baños, Kanluran Rd, Los Baños, Philippines


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