Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What to See in Boracay: Beach, baby

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Pristine beach. I only saw beaches with these color in pictures. They were so breathtaking when you see them for real. And I first saw them here in Boracay. I actually have no interest going to this island before, thinking it is too overrated, overcrowded, and polluted already. It was so commercialized that its appeal even on television and pictures was zero to me. 
Luckily, for us, the resort we had stayed at is on the other side of the island, not on the overcrowded public beach (the White beach). So, it's like we have our little piece of private paradise. And we truly felt the almost undiscovered-like quality of this most popular tourist spot.

This is on the villa atop a hill where we went to first to put down our things. Being elevated, it gave us really quite a view! It literally stunned me.
View from Baling Hai Resort. Its beauty is almost unnatural, though ironically it is perfectly natural.

Imagine opening you door and this is what greets you.

I loved sunbathing here. Although the sun can be cruel and we have no sunblock (can you believe that? We went to Boracay and we had no sunblock!)

Everyday, we swam during afternoon, never mind the blazing heat and no sunblock; I don't know what we're thinking laying our bodies under the probably harmful rays but the beach was just so beautiful and cool and unbelievably calm (yep, no waves. It was almost like a lake.), plus there were rafts anchored quite far from the shore. We swam towards there, and just stayed there, having fun. Oh such a shame that I am no swimmer! Huhu. I have to ride in the back of one of my friends to be able to get to the raft. And most of the time I was there, they were so playful and jumping around and making the raft topple sideways so we would slide to the water. I was so nervous all the time and holding on to my dear life. Oh boy. Still, it was fun. I just really have this fear of the sea and ocean; seeing their depth and darkness below makes me squirm.

Anyway, after we get tired of swimming, we would clean up and then head to D*Mall, then walk the length of the White Beach. There were more moss here, which makes the shore look sickly green. But, the sand. Oh my god the sand was so soft; I took off my slippers and just held them while walking barefooted. The beach was still clear and pretty, but quite dirty already in some parts. And there were just too many people, stores, hotels, and restaurants.

The first time we went to the Long Beach, we were just in time for the sunset. Oh good I love to see the famous Boracay sunset (all the sunset I ever see were those in Manila Bay). However, I was disappointed because it did not appear. It was much too cloudy. Argh. The next day, thank heavens, I was able to catch it! It did not give a golden glow in the heavens, because it was still cloudy. It was only peeking from the heavy gray clouds. But then, later on, it gave a display of colors that I love everywhere--pink and purple and  blue and a bit of yellow and orange. It was gorgeous. Because golden orange sunset is too mainstream. Haha.

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3

Location: Boracay Island, Malay, Philippines


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