Monday, April 9, 2012

What to Ride Going to Boracay

How to get to Boracay with a limited budget? 2 words: 2Go Travel.

The cost of plane tickets to Boracay can make you swear, I swear. Last I checked it was 6000+ pesos, and that was just one way. Understandable, because it was the summer, plus the Holy Week was also nearing.
With our limited student budget, my companions (college friends) decided to book boat tickets instead. Guess what is the price of 1 one-way ticket straight to Caticlan port? It only costed us 800+ pesos. See the difference? You do the math. :)
Our departure was last March 29, 2012 at 8pm. The 2Go Travel boats leave 2x daily, and the travelling at night was very convenient for us since that meant we don't have to get up early to go to the port and we can sleep to while away the very long travel time (10 hours). If you have the time, I suggest you just take the boat too. It was especially more fun if you are a huge group. It was no hassle too because you just ride in the pier at Batangas and you get off straight to Caticlan, unlike other boats travelling to Caticlan where you have to pass Mindoro first, get off there, and ride another boat to south. Here, all you have to do is sleep, and when you wake up, hello Boracay :) or in our case, there was a little party (not really party but we hang out at the bar in the open deck of the boat and had some few drinks). That's why we fondly called it the party boat. Meals are okay, inclusive of your ticket, plus the restaurant was really nice and looks quite ritzy. The whole boat was nice; it was rather new and modern and posh. It has an elegant lobby with plush sofas and widescreen TVs.

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My friends and I at the bar. A few drinks really gave a sound sleep, haha.

Sunrise! I haven't seen one in who-know-when. 

That's Boracay island right there! Ugh. Can you believe that we were just a few distance away from the port and yet we were delayed in the middle of the sea for 3 freaking hours? Ugh. They said that there were no space yet in the port. The 5am arrival turned to 8am.

For quite sometime, all I did was leaned on those railings and take in the vastness of the sea surrounding me.

Transportation budget to Boracay:
(from Los Baños, Laguna)

Los Baños to Crossing, Calamba - jeep (20 php)
Calamba to Turbina terminal - jeep (10 php)
Turbina terminal to Batangas pier - bus (87 php)
Batangas pier to Caticlan Jetty Port - Cebu Ferries ship (896 php, inclusive of taxes, meal, and service charge; base fare is 450 php) **terminal fee is 50 pesos
Caticlan Jetty Port to Boracay Island - pump boat (25 php, but prepare 150 pesos because of the environmental fee and terminal fee)
Multicab to you resort: we paid 30 php per head for this because our resort was far from the terminal. 

Let me also share my travel experience going to Bacolod City from Boracay (see post about Bacolod here).
Upon being back at Caticlan Jetty Port, we rode on the private vehicle of our friend which he left there. We hit the road for almost 7 hours! Our boat tickets were scheduled to leave at 8:30pm and guess where it was? In Iloilo. So we basically drove throughout the Panay Island, passing through Kalibo, Aklan to Antique to Capiz then finally to Iloilo. We were quite cramped inside but it was okay; at least the ride was free :) it gave chances for sightseeing too. In Aklan, we're going through this winded-up zigzag road at the edge of the mountain and with a view of the sea; I only saw these in movies. When we got to Iloilo, it was already dark; there were no lampposts, and no buildings much, all plains and trees in the distance. 
Anyway, we got to the terminal safe and sound, and with 30 minutes to spare.

Unlike the posh and comfortable 2Go boat, this one our fellow passengers were trucks (our car went with us too) and other vehicles. There were no plush seats nor beds, only long and hard benches; no widescreen TVs, only small outdated ones. There were too many passengers, so we had the luxury to have our own benches each and lie there. And soon, we were asleep. It was a 3 hour travel, and it was midnight by the time we reached The City of Smiles.

Fun experiences, to keeps! ^_^

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3


  1. I prefer to go to Boracay by plane, nakakapagod kasi ang kapag nagferry, although mas makakatipid pero sayang ang oras, less than 2 hours nasa boracay ka na if plane. So pagdating sa island, enjoy enjoy na lang agad. :)

  2. You're right, although kung night travel (like what we did), di rin naman gaano ka-hassle magboat (2Go's boats are really nice). But yes the faster we get there, the better! :) Thanks for visiting here.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Maybe we should also go to Boracay at night for boat or ro-ro para makatipid XD. May I know where did you stayed in Boracay? I'm looking for a cheap Boracay accommodations, so I will really appreciate if you can suggest. Cheers!

  4. Me too, I prefer to go by the plane para hindi hassle. Ang laki nga ng matitipid kung boat papuntang Boracay. Maybe I will consider this kung night travel.

    1. Hi! We usually stay at Balinghai Resort. It's a very nice resort with an exclusive beach :) I also recommend Serendipity Resort. You can get a really decent room for 1500/night, and it's very near to Station 2.

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