Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What to Do in Boracay: Stroll, Eat, Drink

What to do in Boracay? Stroll, eat, drink? Shouldn't it be swimming, you may ask? But no, that's not the way it goes in there. Yes there's swimming but there are tons of other activities you can partake at. Of course, there's partying, banana boat, jetski, and other water activities/sports. Since there were also a vast number of restaurants and hotels and bars, it would be a mistake not to try even one. It was also fun walking around D*Mall, where stores are lined up near the beach front and you get to walk on sand. I like the swimsuits and dresses and hats on display but they were so freaking expensive. Haha. Almost everything there were so expensive.

Our meals were usually at the resort, but our friend treated us here after we got tired of exploring the long beach. Note: this was only for merienda (snack) haha. Taken at Shakeys.

Eat-all-you-can buffets are all the rage here. For as low as 250 pesos in some restaurants! They serve mostly seafood and grilled.

See how long it is? It's not even the half of it.

Scattered all throughout the stretch of the long beach are stalls where you can get tattoo, for a price of 100 pesos and above, depending on the size. You can choose from the selections or tell them what design you want.
This only takes an hour.
After the tattoos, we decided to hang out in a restaurant. We found one, called Paradiso. It was an open restaurant, with tables and chairs under a big tent and beside the sea. There were also live bands playing. Their food was expensive though, so we just ordered buckets of beer (we're full anyway since we had dinner at the resort before going down here).

One of our friends volunteered to sing. Haha. She belted out Rolling In The Deep.
Afterwards, I guess we got hungry, so we went to Andok's for a midnight dinner. Haha. It was already 1am I think. (I swear there were so many branches of Andok's here there and everywhere in Boracay.
For my next night down at the Long Beach, my friend and I explored a little, looking for a good restaurant to eat at. Later, we seemed to cannot resist the call of this submarine sandwiches that we made our way in to their little restaurant. Here, you get to pick what bread, the length, and the combination of the fillings that you want. There is a wide variety of selections, trust me.

We got this Italian bread with ham, salami, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, olives, onions, and cucumber. Yum.
Look what we got! A free choco chip cookie! It was the best cookie I ever tasted. So chewy and soft and big and the sweetness was just right.

After eating, we headed of to this bar. A friend or my friend invited here, saying this was a free party. Congga? Or Conggo? I forgot the name of the bar, hehe. But what I know for sure was that it was soooooo far. We came from D*Mall, at the station 2. It was in Station 3. We rode a tricycle to get to that station. However no party yet. We walked and walked and thought we're lost because there were no much people or restaurants here. But when we asked, they all said "sa dulo pa, lakad pa kayo diretso" (it's in the end, just walk straight). Just when we thought we're really lost, we the party. BOY IT WAS REALLY FAR AND ISOLATED. Maybe so they can crank up the volumes as loud as possible and others won't be disturbed.

There was nothing much to do here except watch the fire dancers. The music is okay, reggae party. But my type really are the pop ones. There wasn't much people, and they were mostly foreigners. After one bottle, we left. We were already on the tricycle when we passed by a bar with a party going on. My friend and I looked at each other, told Manong to drop us off, and ran to the source of loud music. Haha.

Cocomangas. One of the popular free clubs here. 
More friends came. The ambiance there was okay, but I really don't like the crowd hanging at the dance floor. So it was a good thing we have our little nook here. We had our party here and danced the night away, at our own dance floor ;P
They hold a contest here where you drink 15 shots of their infamous Jam Jar concoction. If you are still standing, they put your name in this wall. Haha.

Like their Illusion Shooter. Tasted good, we had several rounds. And yes, we managed to go back to our resort. Haha.

And this is how to enjoy Boracay :)

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: Boracay Island, Malay, Philippines


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