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What to do in Bacolod: Eat!

In my journal, there is a checklist of things to do, and I found this on the list: Find a place to settle in. Names of locations started running in my head--Tagaytay? Manila? Batangas? Abroad? But, now, I've decided... in Bacolod City. It was named as the Cleanest and Greenest City in the Philippines, and it really lives up to tis title. The roads were so wide and clean. The structures, be it modern or vintage are a sight to behold. The people are very friendly and nice. And, the FOOD! 'Nuff said.

I was able to go there for the first time last April 2, 2012. We arrived at midnight via RoRo ship, and the first place we went to was the original Manokan. Yep, the first thing we did was EAT. The place was not a fancy restaurant, they were in fact small open carinderia-like restaurants side-by-side with each other. However, you would not be able to deny the fact that the original will always be the best. It is a far cry from the inasal chickens we were used to eat in fastoods here in the city. More than the inasal pecho that I ordered, I fell in love to bits with the chicken skin! (I have no pictures here, I was in tired traveller mode.)

We rested and woke up to a very sunny morning. I have no idea what the day will hold, so of course anytthing goes. We left it to to our gracious hosts to take us where they want. This Bacolod trip was so impromptu! I had actually no more clean clothes (haha) since we came directly from a 4-day-trip from Boracay. Oh well, my clothes are not that smelly yet. Wait, you don't need to know that. Haha.

Where: Mely's Garden
What: Lunch
Our first destination was, guess what? A restuarant. It was lunchtime. We ate at this really nice and cozy place called Mely's Garden.

The food was delicious! However, before I was able to take a picture of them, we had already wiped them off our plates. Haha. The crispy pata was the best! We also ordered some Ilonggo cuisines like KBL, and laswa. They were mostly vegetables.

Where: SM Bacolod
What: Coffee time
Where next? Since it was so hot, our hosts took us to SM to chill. Bo's Coffee was our pick, and there we chatted away in the middle of the mall with our coveted frapps. I ordered White Chocolate frapp, and it tasted like my usual-instant-caffeine fix which is Great Taste White Coffee.

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Where: Torres Heights driving range
What: Golf...and eat/drink
For the later part of the afternoon, we went to Torres Heights, since my friend and his dad want to play golf--well, not really play, more like practice only.

What did we non-players of golf do? We ordered cold beers and some grilled barbecued stuff; I know they are pork but I don't know which part. I just ate. Haha.

Where: Chicken House
What: dinner time
Directly from the driving range, we went to Chicken House restaurant in the Art District, a really cool place where bars and restaurants can be found, and thriving at night.
I dig their interior. All around their walls are decorative and elegant masks hanging. What did we eat here? Duh. Haha. Inasal chicken really go well with garlic rice, and beer. Haha.

Where: Goldenfields 
What: drink and be merry
The night was young, so we went to a location that seems to draw in the nightlife-loving crowds. Many bars and restaurants line up here, and we went to this one restobar whose name I forgot. Haha. Anyway, it was a nice little place with a small bar and a live band playing. More companions living in Baocolod came, and it was like a mini-reunion. Almost-unlimited beer, and later a good few rounds of delicious pulutan like gambas and calamares.
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Where: Ted's La Paz Batchoy, Robinson's
What: Meryenda
With a car at our disposal and a driver, we can basically go anywhere we want. We had our lunch at home where we are staying, then we decided to check out Robinson's Place since the Negros Showroom is located there. I love the capiz furnitures. We also laughed when we saw a shirt with the slogan: 5 top expressions in Bacolod. Guess what the #1 is? INOM TA (Let's drink)! Haha. So true.
Photo from:
Their mall was quite small. We had probably several rounds around it by the time we got bored. What to do? We decided on watching a movie, but then the movie we wanted already started by a mere 15 minutes already, so we changed plans and just ate.

Meet the famous la paz batchoy :) It was my first time to taste this goodie. Pair it with puto!
Where: Jay-J's Manukan, Art District
What: Best Subzero Beer in town!
We grew tired being cooped up in the mall, so we scoot off to find a place to chill and, yes, drink even though it was just 4 in the afternoon. Teehee. So back in the Art District we were. Most of the bars and restaurants there were still closed, luckily this one isn't, and great because their beer was JUST THE BEST. They put it in a double-chill fridge and serve way below zero. And best of all? It only costed 250 or so pesos per bucket! 

First time also to try this crispy tadyang and hell yeah it's perfect

We're the only guests but people started pouring in around 6pm. Great intteriors. P.S. their CR can pass for a hotel comfort room. haha.

This is where we ate last night.

Our plan was to go to the Talisay Ruins after this, but it did not push through because the driver left and it there is no direct public transportation going there. Sad :(  They said it was really a stunning structure, and no tourist passes up on this. Oh well, next time!

Upon arriving at home, dinner was waiting for us (yet I was still so full!). We ate, nevertheless. Then a little rest. By 8pm my friends went out again for some drinks at some bars again. I chose to stay though. I was soooo tired from all that walking in the mall and so sleepy. So I retired to our room and had an awesome slumber. Haha.

For our last day adventure, we went to Silay City. View my post here.

I LOVE BACOLOD CITY! To see and experience the Masskara Festival is definitely a must for me! Wait for me Bacolod, I'll be back! :)

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: Bacolod City, Philippines


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