Monday, April 30, 2012

Where to go in Taal: the Church

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Well, you can clearly read where I am.
I grew up in Manila, but I am a true-blue Batangueña. Both of my parents hail from Batangas, and their towns are right next to each other (Taal and Sta. Teresita). Most of our relatives live there, and on vacations every year we never fail to visit, especially during the fiesta in our town (every May 27). Mind you, it's okay for us to skip Christmas vacation there, but never the fiesta.

One afternoon while I was vacationing in Taal, I decided to explore the church a little more. Not that I've never been there--this is where almost all my relatives got married at, even my parents. However, granted the limited time during those events, I haven't seen the whole of it. Trust me, it's big!

Taal Church is actually named the Basilica of St. Martin de Torres. It is one of the oldest and biggest churches in Asia (yep it's true) so wer'e more than proud of our great church here. It's a landmark and a sight to behold.

Anyway, the shots I posted were taken 2 years ago, when I was still a high school senior. Sorry for the crappy shots, I only used my cellphone here, which only has a 3.5 megapixel camera. I tried my best to edit them, though. Don't worry, next time I will remember to always bring my digicam =) 

You have to climb up these quite steep steps; frankly, it's exhausting. Haha.
Le me posting at the really old entrance of the church, with an ice cream in hand.
I admit I don't remember who is this statue. Hehe.
Taal Church has a really long aisle. Many weddings take place here, and I can just think of how the brides enjoy their strut here. I had actually walked down this aisle in red carpet, many times as bridesmaid/flower girl during the many weddings I was part of in here.

I explored the side and back part of the church. It was my first time to go to those  areas.

And this is the adoration chapel. It was tucked away in a somewhat hidden nook beside the church. That is my cousin Dana.

This is found on the glass in the door of the adoration chapel. I like this verse.

Now that we finished exploring the church, we rested and of course posed in the beautiful park in front of the structure.

More of the park downstairs (yes downstairs because you have to climb the stairs to get to the church).

The side of the church is where you can find Escuala Pia. Behind the church is the Our Lady of Caysasay Academy (OLCA) where my cousins go to school.

The street in front of the park. It is very quiet, peaceful and clean here.

It's nearing sunset! View at the entrance of the elevated church.

Couldn't resist not wearing this little flower I picked up somewhere in the park. Teehee.

So there goes my little tourist mode in Taal Church/Park, even though I'm technically a local :)
I am really proud to be part of these heritage. Love your own <3

How to get to Taal:
From Buendia (Makati) - ride the Jam bus at their terminal there; their signboard is Lemery. Or you can ride in a van, going to Lemery also.
From Lemery, you can ride a jeep or tricycle to Taal Church/Park, a mere five to ten minutes away.

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3

Location: Taal, Philippines


  1. Hi Inah, thanks for following me through networked blogs, followed you back. I'm a fellow bataguena but now working here in Manila. Good to see 'kabayans' here in blogosphere. See you around... :)

    1. thank you too! let's continue to promote the beauty of taal :>

  2. Hallo Inah! Thanks for visiting my blog. It's nice to know a fellow travel enthusiast. At ka-UPLB pa, hehe. I'm from UPLB too. Hope to see you sometimes in LB. Keep those blog posts rolling. Cheers!

    1. thank you! your blog had been very helpful, especially the historical information and I even used your San Pablo posts as reference for our project :) good luck more with your blog too!