Friday, May 25, 2012

A Crack-up Night at Punchline Comedy Bar

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High school & college friends of mine unite for a night of laughter.

Punchline is just one of the several comedy bars/bars along Quezon Avenue. Not too big of a place, it can be really crowded especially during Friday and Saturday nights. Many well-known TV comedians now actually used to work here, like Vice Ganda, Tsokoleit, and Ethel Booba (we chanced upon her the first time we went here). People of almost all ages (except kids of course) flock here; even some very senior citizens (ehem). Stand-up comedians here are gays, and they do really sing well; one of Punchline's pride here is Anton Diva, who, like her namesake, could indeed sing at a diva level (Anton Diva also looks very feminine already, as in very feminine). We could say our favorite performance for this night was that of Whacky Kiray & Ace's. My friends and I were totally cracking up and my stomach was on stitches because of them.
The bar also has a good menu selection, although the prices are quite steep--85 pesos for a bottle of San Mig Pale Pilsen, 130 pesos for cocktails, and 480 pesos for a bucket of 6 of San Mig Lights. They also serve foods; pica-pica and even pancit and rice meals (the nachos seem to be their bestseller). 
Entrance fee is 250 pesos on Monday-Thursdays and 300 pesos on Friday-Sundays. 

Comedy bars are perfect venues for a chillax, unwinding night-out with friends. Great stress-busters, comedy bars will give you raw and pure live entertainment that targets nothing but your loud, boisterous, and uncontainable laughter.

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TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3

Location: Quezon Ave, Quezon City, Philippines

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  1. I like to visit Punchline with my friends as well. Great place for get together! It's fun arrangement always refreshing mind through laughing. Thanks.
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