Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where to Stay in Boracay: Baling Hai

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Where: Baling Hai Resort
What:   What: one of the best, oldest, and secluded resorts in Boracay

Going down to the office of the resort from the entrance to 'check in'.
This is where we stayed. It was so natural and open and fresh. Those are the steps leading to the bathroom, and to the bedrooms. See? There is no roof upon the stairs.

This is the window/wall! So very unique and open and beautiful!
Even the bathroom is very open! Haha. Look at that big window, no curtain or whatsoever. Don't worry though; this is elevated so no person can view from the outside. This is such a spacious bathroom.  There are steps leading down to the shower area to conceal you; no need for shower curtains. The water is so refreshing! I loved taking baths here, no matter what time of the day. One time, I was taking a bath in time of the sunset. The window captured it perfectly and it was so colorful; it looks like there is a painting of the sunset in here. So much raving for the bathrooms. Teehee.

It so relaxing and serene here.
A perfect view of nature right at our room.
Going down to the beach! It involved a lot of walking. And good luck with your way up. It's quite exhausting, but hey it's good for our body! :)

The beachfront of the resort. Small, yes. But only because it does not get too crowded here. The beach is private for the Baling Hai guests only. 
Hooray for this bar here! While sunbathing or resting from all that swimming, you can order drinks here (oh yeah, beer and the beach!) or even food like sandwiches. Their smoothies are highly recommended! The fruits they use are premium quality. The resort also serves the freshest seafoods.
Their beach at different times.

Lay under the sun here while watching boats/bancas pass by. See a platform there in the near middle? It's anchored there. You can swim to reach it and just lay there.
Or if you don't want a tan, dive in the cool beach to conceal your skin! (Model of Baling Hai? Haha. Nah, that's my friend.) See how clear the water is?
If you want some fun in the middle of the sea, you can come to this platform that I mentioned above. It's not so far from the shore so not difficult to reach. My friends and I stayed here most of the time and do all sorts of crazy things. Like this one below:
This would have been more fun for me if I KNOW HOW TO SWIM. *sigh* So everytime I'm just holding on to the edge that would not, hopefully, sink. It was quite scary for me, haha. I have a mild fear of the sea.

The beachfront view from the platform. Cottages are located above, so yeah, like I said earlier you have to hike to go back to your cottage.

This place is a gem! I really don't like the crowded reputation of Boracay but this resort proved otherwise. This is on the other side of the island, much quieter, more preserved, and natural. The resort is so unique because you'll feel really one with nature here, lots and lots of trees and plants and flowers and a breathtaking view of the sea, whether from above or below. No modern hotels or even rooms here, only natural wooden nipa cottages, all open and light and airy and white if not brown. The staff also are very nice, and especially the owner. A big warm thanks to the owner for accommodating us :) If ever I'll come back to Boracay, Baling Hai it is.

 To get there from the terminal, we paid 30 pesos each for the tricycle. It is far actually. 
Also, it is far from the White Beach/long beach and you have to ride the tricycle again. Get down at D*Mall and pay only around 20 pesos per person. The long travel is worth it though as you get a secluded beach in return--perfect for relaxing.


 TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: Yapak, Malay, Boracay, Aklan, PH


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