Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pink Sun of Manila Bay

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the pink sunset (sorry for the bad quality, only used 3 megapixel cp cam)

While strolling around Mall of Asia, I literally got stunned when I saw the sight of this at the San Miguel by the Bay. I've never seen the sun so huge and clearly circle and pink! I've seen the moon once like this, very 3D circle even and red-orange, but the sun, no. It was so mesmerizing, and the glow created a pink and purple and blue environment, very much like the one sunset I witnessed in Boracay (see post here). However, I only got a few minutes to enjoy my sunset; less than one even because too soon it was sinking in a rapid pace and we're actually counting down until the time it fell out of sight. I counted 15 seconds. Boy, it was quick! 
Anyway, we continued walking along the boy. It was crowded more than ever. I was surprised that more rides had been built here, a far cry from the lone mini-playground there. It had been a while since I went to MoA because I didn't get to go home in Manila so often. It was now really built like a somewhat free mini-Star City. Although the rides were for children, the giant ferris wheel caught me off-guard. It looks way cooler than the one in Star City. My friend told me it is the 'Manila Eye', adapted from the 'London Eye'. (God, how long was I gone that I was not even aware of the slightest of this enormous structure in such a popular destination?)It was one of my dreams to step foot there and see the world under my feet. Hmm riding the Manila Eye---close enough, but never will be. Unfortunately the line was so long so we passed up. Next time! I can already imagine the incredible panoramic view of Manila from above. 
Next time. :)

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: SM Mall of Asia, Pasay, Philippines


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