Saturday, January 14, 2012

Where to Swim in Laguna: Splash Mountain

Where: Splash Mountain
What: family outing...with my not family
This is probably the first ever resort that I had visited in Los Baños, way back in 2008; we had a family outing. The next year, we went back here for Christmas, that time we checked in at Oasis Hotel & Resort (under also Splash Mountain but pricier). After getting into college, I frequented this place more, this time with my friends. And now on my recent visit here, I was with another family. Haha. No, not a boyfriend's family okay? With my roommate's family.:)
This resort is huge, with so many HOT spring pools. And when I say hot, it is VERY hot. As many as their pools are, you cannot dip in all of them because you'll surely be fried in some. 

This part is the kiddie pool area, set in the farthest corner of the resort from the entrance. 

Isn't it obvious that we had fun here? WE felt like little kids. Haha.

These are from other areas/pools of the resort.

There are many types of huts to rent. You can opt for a gazebo, a table with a shade, cottage, just a table, or better yet a room if you're staying overnight. Their gazebos are good for a large group. It looks like this:
Well, the inside of it anyway. It's nice; we stayed overnight and we don't even have to check in on an expensive hotel room--just make sure you don't need sleeping!
 (photo taken last September 2010)
If you want to see what the Splash Mountain Hotel looks like, here it is:

(Photos taken last June 2008)

Entrance fee is reasonably priced--at 90 pesos/adult. Plus if you have a student ID you'll be discounted. The expensive part is on the cottage/table, but they vary depending on the size. The gazebo above is available for 1500 pesos. It can be really crowded on weekends, brace yourselves! Fortunately the area is large so there's a fat chance you'll run out of table/cottage to rent. However you'll probably cannot swim in peace--lest you choose the EXTRA SUPER HOT pool. Still, the resort is clean and quite well-maintained. Not too grand or luxurious or anything, but affordable and good enough--making it a popular choice.

For more info, check out their website:

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: Los Baños, Philippines


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