Sunday, December 25, 2011

Where to Go in Manila: Ocean Park

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Where: Manila Ocean Park
What: a day with delightful sea creatures
Before, access to enormous aquariums and and clapping sea lions were via travel to Subic's Ocean Adventure. But ever since Ocean Park opened up a few years ago, Manila had its very own Giant Aquarium. 
For Christmas Day, our companions are these jellyfish, seals, sharks, and more water-loving animals. 
Prices of tickets very depending on the package you will avail (like if you want to enter Oceanarium and then watch the Sea Lion show plus the Musical Fountain Show). Here's ours:

Entrance of the Ocean Park. To the right side is the ticket counter area. To the left is where the Sea Lion show was held. Hotel H2O is also located here. You can avail of a room with a really huge aquarium as your walls; really cool. 
Strolling around while waiting for the shows to start.
At the edge of the building restaurants by the bay are located. This one is the Pancake House.


I enjoyed these 'dancing faeries' so much. Although they do not do much except float around, their bodies were interesting enough, transparent and jelly and looks so soft. The colors also added to their fascinating appeal. It's like a different, colorful world here.

The hotel's view from the stands. The occupants can view the show from their windows.
Awww. Adorable creatures :) It was half an hour show. Try to sit in the back, way up in the stands so you won't be bothered by the heads blocking your view (which we did not do, it's frustrating). The show was quite bitin (short, not enough) but at least the animals performed well. You can have photo ops with them for 300 pesos or more.

The outside area, filled with crocodiles and shells and plants and arwanas.
One on one with this fabulous fish.
Sullen-looking carnivorous shaaarks

Pretty seahorse!
What a creepy and menacing-looking fish! Looks like it's straight from a horror movie, no?
I was really fascinated with these! Stone fish! At first I did not notice them, they camouflaged really well. But when I spotted them, I laughed. They look ugly yet awesome and a bit sad (look at that frown!). He looks too tired with life, haha. Must be hard, being a stone (pun intended! Haha).

See them sting rays?


Upon exiting the Oceanarium, there was this long hallway where an exhibit about Antartic Life was set up.

Manila Bay behind me.

That's all folks! Merry Christmas! 

For more info, check out their site:

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3

Location: Manila Ocean Park, Manila, Philippines


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