Monday, December 19, 2011

Where to Go in Laguna: IRRI

Where: International Rice Research Institute
What: tamang pictorial lang :P

'Twas our last day in UPLB before we go home the next day for the Christmas vacation. We don't have classes anymore, so we had the day to ourselves. One of my roommates haven't been to IRRI in her two year stay at the university (boohoo haha). So, we decided t bring her there. If you are in UPLB, never ever fail to visit this place! :) Aside from their picturesque area, the food here is scrumptious too and the price is student-friendly!

Delicious as their food maybe, we cannot always go here. Yes, IRRI is just located near our campus, but going there is quite difficult if you have no private car. See, there is a bus/coaster going directly to IRRI, but on an hourly basis in specific waiting areas in our campus. On the first time I went here, we have to wait for 2 (!) hours because on a waiting shed--frustratingly, no buses showed up. So we moved to another waiting area. Finally a coaster passed by--although this one was not directly to go to IRRI, only pass by. The driver did not tell us this and we already passed. We have to walk quite a distance in the scorching heat, with no other vehicles passing on the dirt road. Boohoo.
This time, we waited for the bus in the same waiting shed. It was a long time before a jeep passed by. It did not bear the sign IRRI but we signaled it to stop anyway (we were so freaking hungry already!). It did stop and let us aboard. Turns out it was a private jeep full of women going to San Pablo City. We suddenly got embarassed as they asked us where we're going. Thankfully, it will pass by IRRI. We just paid the usual jeepney fare to make the situation less embarrassing than it was. Haha. WE HITCHHIKED. lol
Anyway, as we're about to enter, the guard at the gate stopped us. He then told us, "sarado ngayon ang canteen." (the canteen is closed). We halted in our tracks--I swear our hearts also stopped. ALL THAT EFFORT TO GO HERE THEN IT WILL TURN OUT CLOSED?? Then kuya guard broke into a smile and said, "joke lang!" We yelled at him in mock frustration. What a prank, ugh. Do not kid around with hungry ladies. Haha.

Anyway, the rest of the afternoon we took pictures after eating, then we tried out their cafe also (beside the canteen and the souvenir shop). I tried their blueberry cheesecake, it was okay though the service was small--expensive for one hundred peso. The main courses in the canteen cost 55 to 70 pesos (rice and viand). Good thing the servings there are huge enough.

The building behind leads to the museum and canteen.

Shots from the Japanese garden outside the cafe.

The large expanse of the beautiful agricultural land in IRRI. 
Can you see the birds in the background?

The International Rice Research Institute is an agricultural research and training facility and an independent non-profit organization developing new strains and new techniques of planting rice that will not only help rice farmers increase their yield, but also prove to be environmentally sustainable. The institution helps its surrounding communities by offering training programs and scholarships, and creating agricultural projects that generate livelihoods for the local farmers. (source: WikiPilipinas, I can't access the website of IRRI).

IRRI also houses the Rice Museum. It was closed at this time, but I was able to go there on my earlier visit. If you want to see that, click HERE. 

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: IRRI Experiment Station, University of the Philippines Los Baños, Los Baños, Philippines

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