Monday, December 19, 2011

@Moonleaf Tea Shop, LB branch

Moonleaf just opened a branch in Los Banos this year and it sent me to the moon. I found my next obsession and caffeine fix! Although Caramel Machiatto will always be my best friend and Great Taste White Coffee will always be reliable on puyatan nights when I'm broke, I fully welcome the new craze to my caffeine bandwagon. I admit I had never tried drinking milk tea before. Never. So my taste buds screamed in delight when it hit it, and it happened to be a Moonleaf one--making me grateful because due to it I fell in love with milk teas. Now this is the drink I order whenever in cafes/restaurants (I like Banana Leaf's Hong Kong Royal Milk Tea!).
For 85 pesos, you get a tall order of milk tea goodness with these little pearls that I love. I'm addicted to them. I can siphon off my entire cup in minutes because I'm chasing those gooey bubbles. In the picture, I ordered their Hakka, one of the bestsellers. I asked what Hakka is, they said it's 'black sugar'. We laughed when my friend snapped 'Ah asukal lang pala eh' quite loudly that we think the service crew heard her. Anyway, it's too sweet for my taste. I still prefer the one my friends ordered, Pearl Milk Tea. But my favorite is the Jasmine Milk Tea--it smells fragrant too, as it's derived from a flower. 
Moonleaf has a wide variety of teas to offer, not just milk teas. They even have fruity ones like Watermelon. Prices ranges from 45 pesos to 85 pesos.

Visit their facebook for more details :)

Don't mind the heavily bandaged finger.

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3

Location: Los BaƱos, Philippines


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