Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where to Swim in Laguna: Dampalit Falls

Where: Dampalit Falls
What: sneaking in a little swimming time in between studies
One thing that never runs while I am studying in Los Baños: adventure. No synthetic, airconditionned, and bright light buildings for us; what we have here is simple, nature. It makes us rejuvenated, relaxed, and peaceful while handling all the stress of college life.
So one particular day that we had a brown out and classes were suspended due to a supposedly storm, we had no water and electricity in our apartment, heck, in the whole town. Unable to stand being stuck in our dim room with no showers, we decided to go swimming! Haha. No need for a big budget. We ate before going there, hopped on a jeep and handed out our 7 peso fare, and we were there! Entrance fee is 20 pesos. Although I forgot if we paid for the rent of the nipa hut.

How to get there: from UPLB, ride a jeep going to Crossing Calamba. Get down in front of Camp Eldridge (it's just by the highway road so very visible). Across the street you'll see Brgy. Dampalit. Enter their narrow street and hike your way up--yup hike. Don't worry, the street is cemented but can be narrow. Still, be careful. It's a long walk but it's part of nature's benefits :)

On our way to the falls.
The mountain beside us.

There! Welcome to Dampalit Falls!

The nipa hut we rented/borrowed.

The water was not deep, but the rocks can be slippery so watch out. It can be really cold though. And yes, we brought our soaps and shampoos. Haha! Natural shower, men.

Just another one of Los Baños' nature wonders :) Of course, there's many more!

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3

Location: Los Baños, Philippines


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