Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where to Swim in Laguna: Liliw

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Where: Liliw, Laguna
What: swim in the river
I have never swam in a river before. I grew up in the city, and there were no nearby rivers in our home at Batangas, only sea and beaches. So it was a great break of pattern of swimming in pools and beach every summer and instead go to a river. With my whole family included (grandparents and uncles and aunts and every signle cousin) we set off to a little town in Laguna, Liliw. This town is primarily known for excellent and inexpensive footwear. It is even hailed as the "Tsinelas Capital of the Philippines" (tsinelas=slipper). We went here via a private vehicle, so I don't know much how to go here via commute, but I think it's only 3 or so hours from Manila (travel time from Manila to Los Baños is 2 hours, and Liliw is quite past Los Baños).
We went to this nice resort and we felt like we rented one because we were the only guests at that time. It was quite difficult to find (we got lost a bit) because it was hidden, and then we have to walk quite a distance to the resort itself, passing by hanging bridges and narrow dirt paths, no less. The darkness made it more difficult (as we arrived at night). But it was okay because the place was awesome.


The photos in the wall were pictures of the owner with several famous people who had visited this place. It was truly worth visiting because aside from the very natural surrounding and ambiance, the cottage will also make you say wow. It was spacious and well-maintained and the interior and furniture are exquisite, with a native theme comprising of wood and nipa. There were also many bedrooms (airconditionned), upstairs and downstairs so travelling in a huge pack (like us) was no problem.

There are several nipa huts around the place. This was where we ate and rested after swimming. We can even cook outside.

This was just like spa. Haha.
I loved sitting there and letting the rush of water massage my back.
The makeshift pool.

For more info how to get here, I'll post it sometime soon. :)

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3

Location: Liliw, Philippines


  1. hi! pwedeng malaman any name ng river or resort? my plan din kc pmunta ng family q. tnx

  2. admin please post the name and contact no of the resort please... were planning na pumunta ng family ko sa laguna this oct. 4 ung pics. na nka post very tempting po ^_^