Monday, April 18, 2011

Where to Go in Manila: Luneta

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Where: Luneta Park/Rizal Park
What: photo and play with friends
It was one boring summer day for us barkada who were friends since forever (since grade 1 actually, and all throughout high school, and even now until college even though we go to different schools and I am even away in Laguna). We decided to reminisce our childhood by playing. Haha. Of all places, we went to Children's Playground in Luneta Park. Entrance fee is 10 pesos.


You can bring foods and sit on tables with umbrellas.  Mangga at bagoong (unripe mango and shrimp paste), yum! Perfect for our meryenda (snacks).

Lava land!
Look out for that rhino!
Boom! The rhino got his backside. That must have hurt.
Welcome to Dino World! They said. You'll jump in enjoyment, they said.

Nobody comes between me and my pet! Nobody!
Er, is that dino also trying a jump shot? He is definitely included.
Ssshhh. He'll find me. I'm scared.

Chinese Garden
When we grew tired of the Playground, we then visited another garden. Entrance fee here is 15 pesos. The area is vast, and seemed to be a home to dancing teenagers practicing for a contest or whatever. It was quiet here (as long as you stay away from the blaring music of the dancers). But the garden seems to be not so well maintained. The landscape is dire and quite abandoned, the facilities are worn out, the little lakes are dried up, and so are some of the trees.

A place also for resting elders. I don't know why there were several of them here.
Chinese proverbs on the walls.
the bridge

Rizal Park
Since there was nothing much to do in Chinese Garden, we strolled throughout the length of Rizal Park (yes it was long). This place is well-known as the place of the final moments of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, at a time when Spaniards were greedy heartless visitors in the Philippines claiming to own this land. Bagumbayan, as it was once called, is the witness of the gunshot that sent Rizal to the ground, never to be woken up again, but then Revolution started and the rest is history. Anyway, now it is a place notorious for picnics, kite-flyers, nature-seeking folks living in dirty and dusty dwellings in Manila, street people resting for a while in a free spot, and lovers on a tight budget appreciating the somewhat  romantic vibe the park can offer for free. You can see people from almost all walks of life here, each with a different smile or frown, depending on how easy or hard life is currently. This is the sight now being witnessed by Luneta Park; the Spaniards may have left but the expression of some people and their cries have not changed still.

Filipinos. Nationalism. Jose Rizal. Manila.

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3

Location: Manila, Philippines


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