Sunday, February 13, 2011

Where to Eat in Vigan: Hidden Garden

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Where: Hidden Garden Restaurant
What: lunch amidst nature

A vision of what we call 'Folk Christianity. This is a blend of Christianity and the folk religion of the natives before the Spanish conquerors came in the Philippines.
This is the wine of Ilokanos: BASI. These are made from fermented sugarcane or tubo. They are also called 'King of Native Wines'.

A statue of an anito. These are what the pre-Hispanic ancestors of Filipinos worship.

Inside the restaurant; it has a native theme, all woods and nipa and capiz shells for the chandeliers.

Ilocos is also famous for their empanada (crunchy bread crust with fillings like chicken, longganisa, or vegetables). It can be eaten dipped in vinegar (Ilocos vinegar is the perfect partner of course!)
"Don't touch, it grows larger." I didn't try though, haha. 
Birds kept in this big cage.

If Tagaytay has a 'Secret Garden', then Vigan has a 'Hidden Garden'. It is actually hidden. They just have a sign by the road, and you'll have to enter a house or something and it is quite a walk to get there. The place is cool, so full of plant life and even animals. After you eat, you can walk around (the place is not really vast but there are lots to see). I had fun taking pictures here.

IF YOU WANNA GO HERE TOO, here's their information:


Note: Sorry I can talk about the prices of the food because our lunch was arranged by our Tour/Travel Agency.

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: Vigan City, Philippines


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