Sunday, February 13, 2011

What to See in Ilocos Sur: Bantay Church

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Where: Bantay Church & Bantay Bell Tower
What: one of the most amazing and beautiful bell tower and view I ever saw

Before heading off to Ilocos Norte, we passed by first in this remarkable church in the town of Bantay just very near Vigan City. 
This is the lovely Bantay Bell Tower. It is very picture-perfect, add the blueness of the sky as its background and you're sure to cherish this photo.
Bantay Church, the Sanctuary of Nuestra Senora de la Caridad (Our Lady of Charity), the oldest Marian image in Ilocos. This structure and the bell tower are the oldest in Ilocos Sur, kept remarkably preserved of its grandeur up to now,although it underwent many repairs due to wars and revolutions. It is a popular destination for tourists. 

Going up to the peak of the bell tower. I cannot miss this even though the line is long and I might get left by our bus. BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT!

Beyond you can see this somewhat creepy view---a cemetery, complete with the eerie fog and mountains behind it.
Going up here is not for the faint-hearted (when it comes to heights!)

What a stunning place! And the view from above the bell tower is so gorgeous. This place almost seem magical to me--the plants are so green, the flowers are vivid, the sky is a cloudless blue. Almost like pure mute beauty.

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: Bantay, Philippines


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