Monday, February 21, 2011

What to See in Corregidor: Canons & Ruins

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Where: Corregidor Island
What: field trip for HIS 2 (History of Asia) subject
I got to tour this island as part of our requirements in a particular subject. Good for me because I had really wanted to see this place!
We were quite many, but we were divided into different groups accdg. to our sections. Good thing we were only 8 in our class! Teehee (yes that small. We're actually 10; very few take up a 7am class.)
Anyway, for our first destination:

Battery Way
The place is very creepy (I wonder how it feels to be here at night? Oh god).

Ruins of a building (I forgot what building this was).

Ruins of a hotel
Before going to this place, our tour guide asked us if we wanted to go first to a cafe for a break. She even said she'll treat us. Just as I was beginning to believe her, we rounded up on a corner and this building (or the remains of it) came into plain view. My heart sank, I really don't know why (no, not because there'll be no free espresso); the sight saddened me. Our tour guide said this was a hotel before, and the cafe was located right on the lobby, on the first floor. Then she asked us if we still want that coffee. Ugh, no.

a very large cannon

Pacific War Memorial
They said that statue (the bronze one below) depicts an American soldier helping an injured Filipino. I forgot the name of this statue.

The 'demon hole'. They said once a year the sunlight strikes this hole exactly.
I was hurriedly reminded of the movie 'Pearl Harbor' when I saw this. Ugh this is so...lamenting.
The Eternal Flame monument: a beacon of freedom

Malinta Tunnel
This was the last item on our itinerary. By this time, we are so so so tired already (I don't have any rest yet all week, and this tour was on a Sunday, plus all that walking!). Thankfully we got a few minutes of rest as we waited for the show inside the Malinta Tunnel to start. I was a bit nervous entering this dark tunnel (I have a mild phobia with dark tunnels, especially when I have to only walk inside!). Of course there'll be ghosts here, undeniably. Thankfully I have no 6th sense, but I swear I saw a the flash of a white man who walked beside me and was immediately gone during the tour. Oh god oh god. Good thing we entered in a huge group. I made sure to squeeze myself in the middle of the flock. Phew. I'm not telling you what the show was about (although it is kinda given already), just head on and book yourself a tour! Haha.
Look at this! This gave me goosebumps. Ugh.

I swear, I swear I will never go back again here. This is literally a ghost town-esque-island. I was more creeped out when our tour guide mentioned no one lives here (it's forbidden, plus it's an isolated ruins-infested island, who wants to live here??). I'm not mocking this place or anything; I respect this and paid more to the soldiers who sacrificed for us. But being here really is so depressing for me. Good thing I'm not a crier. This place is full of memories of courage and unity and love and sacrifices, yes, but also of hardships, suffering, tortures, death, war. Totally negative vibes for me, and I don't want it. Still, I'm thankful I got to visit Corregidor. I learned a lot and saw a lot, and appreciated many things a lot more.

Corregidor is not all ruins and destructions! There are beautiful things here too! If you want to see them, click HERE. 

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3

Location: Corregidor, Cavite City, Philippines


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