Monday, February 21, 2011

What to See in Corregidor: beach

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Where: Corregidor Island
What: field trip for HIS 2 (History of Asia) subject
A very hot Sunday sometime in February, the day we went to Corregidor for a field trip. I thought it was all canons and ruins and bombs and memorials, but I was mistaken. There is also a very beautiful beach and a view of the sea there!

All aboard the Sun Cruiser! It was a 1 hour and a half ride.

Fortunately, I don't get sea sick.
My classmates and I. We were greeted by a wonderful view!


See how clear the water is? NO ONE is allowed to swim here. Can you see those rocks??

Shades and umbrella. It was unbelievably hot you know,

'Blood stones' as they were called. They were littered all around the beach. Creepy!

The Spanish Lighthouse.

We climbed atop a building; the view was absolutely breathtaking.

Inside the museum.
Mr. I-Shall-Return, Gen. Douglas McArthur
My classmates and our tour guide (the woman inside the shuttle wearing white).

That concludes my Corregidor adventure. It was so tiring, plus the heat. When we're in the cruise ship already, I was knocked out. The trip back to Laguna was a hazy blur, feeling almost like I was drunk.

To get to Corregidor too, visit this website :)

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TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <#
Location: Corregidor, Cavite City, Philippines


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