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What to Do in Vigan City: See Culture

Where: Ilocos Sur
What: Must-Sees and Must-Dos in the beautiful, very vast, and very far
province up in Northern Luzon
Dates shots were taken: February 4-6, 2011

A Field Trip for HUM 2 (Art and Society) class

Sta. Maria Church
A very old yet beautiful church, set up high, so expect a beautiful backdrop.
(note: this is not found on Vigan City, but on a town called Sta. Maria)

Er, don't mind the guy with the WACKY posing behind me and concentrate on the greenery.

Welcome to Vigan City!

This is where we stayed at. Simple, very tidy, and comfortable. Not that spacious, but it will do. We did not stay here much though, just ate breakfasts and dinners and slept (for a very few hours, most of the sleeping is on the bus).

Beautiful old Spanish houses abound!
Since it was lunchtime when we arrived at Vigan, we just put own our bags in the hotel then went immediately to this place: Hidden Garden. For more details and photos, go to my other post HERE. (Is it just me or do my eyes look scary here?)

Baluarte Ni Chavit.
Got to meet animals and see the some 'Malboro' mountains. Haha. For more details and photos, go to my other post HERE.
Vigan's Pagburnayan
Vigan is famous for their pottery. They call this the burnay jars.

Crisologo Museum.
Depressing-looking house with lots of great antique memorabilias. This is the home of a murdered politician (Floro Crisologo) who was shot right at a cathedral while attending mass. Up to now the assassin was not identified. For more info, visit:
A weaving machine.

I did not know that there used to be pillow racks, used by mostly rich citizens long time ago. 

This statue of a saint behind me is c-r-e-e-p-y, especially in person.

I like this work of art I found in this museum. The painting (I didn't know what material was used though) depicts the too often used symbol picture of men helping each other carry a nipa hut, portraying the concept of 'Bayanihan' among Filipinos.

I remember a TV that is very much like this, found in the house of my grandparents. Not working anymore though.
Forefathers of our computer today.
A very ancient kalesa.

For our last stop, we went to to visit the weaving industry of Vigan.

After the tours during the day, it's time for our own 'touring' of Vigan, and it's best done at night. Since the whole evening is ours, now is the best time to walk around, be amazed at the preserved vintage Spanish houses, and of course buy those quintessential pasalubongs. The old houses sets of a Hispanic ambiance. I am reminded  of my hometown, Taal in Batangas province. It looks very much like Vigan City.

Kalye Crisologo.

A memorial for the martyr Padre Jose Burgos.

Max's Restaurant
I love the setting of this restaurant here. So relaxing and you can sit outdoors, amidst the old structures, breeze, and the stars. Perfect for chilling out. It's like eating in one of the restaurants in Intramuros.

Since the food always served to us were Ilokano dishes which are mostly vegetables, it's time to try out their sinful dishes! Haha. I cannot ever leave Ilocos without having a go at their famous bagnet (deep fried pork, mostly fat and skin, to be dipped in Ilocos vinegar with tomatoes, onions, patis, and spices if you want. Mmmmm! Perfect with beer (watch out for your health though! haha)


This was taken on our last day at Vigan. I was greeted by a beautiful sunrise. The sweeping coldness around is just enough to make me hug myself, while taking in the very peaceful looking, quiet, and elegant city. 

No doubt about it, Vigan is so brimming with rich culture and a beautiful well-kept place to offer. A great place to reminisce, study, and appreciate the history of our country--not only that but you get to actually feel it. Even though I'm more fond of all things modern, nothing like a good old ancient town to give you that dose of nostalgia, culture, nature, and arts. Vigan has all that! Vigan City belongs to the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. The century-old structures here are remains of the Spanish colonial era that has fortunately evaded the threat of ruin from the World War II attack and now are remarkably preserved.

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: Vigan City, Philippines


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