Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where to Swim in Batangas: Laiya

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Where: Laiya, Batangas
What: sem-ender swimming, a very unplanned one

Okay, we planned WHERE to go, which is in Laiya (I'm a Batangueña but I haven't experienced yet the beaches on this side of our province). However we did not plan SPECIFICALLY how, for that matter, or what resort exactly.

The trip TO LAIYA: 
9 am is a bit late time to leave Los Baños. 
Jeep to Crossing, Calamba (20 pesos) **At Calamba, we ate brunch at Chowking
Jeep to Turbina terminal (10 pesos)
Bus to SM Lipa City (I forgot how much, hehe) **at SM, we chilled a bit, and bought our only baon, Yellow Cab pizza, and oh some donuts. Soft drinks of course. It was nearly 2pm when we went to the terminal adjacent to the mall to look for any means of transportation going to San Juan, Batangas (yes we survived by just asking around). 
Van to Laiya (1500 pesos, rented for us, roundtrip back to SM Lipa) **we struck a deal with manong driver with this; others ask for a higher amount and he was the least expensive. He was even willing to look a resort for us. We divided the 1500 among us; his van was comfortable and big enough plus there were TV screens (!) at the back of the seats.
We arrived at Laiya nearly an hour after. The driver did not bring us to the expensive resorts (Laiya beaches are notorious for sky-high entrance and accommodation prices). He brought us to a public one, which even seemed like a residential one; we don't have to pay any entrance fees, only for the nipa hut we rented (500 pesos I think).

And so here we are.

Not exactly pristine white sand and crystal blue water but clean enough and the sand is fine too. It was cloudy that day hence the darker the water seemed.

We left at 6pm, with our driver dutifully waiting for us. Same travelling route. We ate again at Calamba, this time in Batangas' Best Bulalo (ironically it's not in Batangas but in Laguna, and we just came from there yet this is where we ate). Anyway the resto was nice and big and has good decorations. The bulalo was sooo good.

Planning an impromptu trip to?
 Warning: plan ahead, especially if you really want to enjoy your destination (in our case, we only did for what 3 or 4 hours?). It's better though if you'll stay overnight so you'll have more time.

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: Laiya, Philippines


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