Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where to Stay in Baguio: King's Court

Where: King's Court Pension House
What: room for 5
Upon stepping foot in Baguio City, boy was I frozen. It was really really cold, especially since it was only about 4 am. Now, a consequence of going here without any plans at all (aside from having no jacket like me!) is we have no place to stay. We don't know anyone who lives here so we can't just crash at somebody's pad. Fortunately, there were several for-rent vans located just outside the Victory Liner terminal. We talked with one particularly nice manong driver and we explained our situation. He offered to help us find a budget-friendly hotel. So we hopped on his van and toured the sleeping city. After a few failed attempts (most are fully-booked already), we chanced upon King's Court. 

Upon arrival, I immediately crashed on the bed. Bus-lagged (?); I'm not really used to long trips in a bus.
Good morning! Before we stepped out, we planned our itinerary (yes we did managed to plan, even if  a little too late already). This map was our best friend.
Posing before taking a power nap. Time check is 4:30 am something. We need to get up after an hour or so. 
We got a room for 5. The room includes a double deck bed, 2 single sized beds, a clean bathroom with shower, small table, 2 chairs, and a dresser. It is very clean, and the whole building was so quiet that made us wonder if we're the only occupants. Anyway, it was good for us. We won't be staying much here anyway; just for showers and rest. Only problem for me: the water in the shower was icy cold! Just what we need in Baguio, thank you very much. I was jumping the whole time I was showering. This place is also convenient as it was near main roads and jeepneys are accessible. A 7-11 store was also just right across the street; this is where we bought out toiletries (I told you we did not bring much).

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: Baguio City, Philippines


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