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Where to Have Fun: Enchanted Kingdom

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A Guide on How to Have Fun in EK, What and Where! 

Short FYIs:
Venue: Enchanted Kingdom (located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna)
Date shots were taken: January 22, 2011
Models: NASC 3 (Physics) WX-2R class, crazy students put together
What the Heck are they Doing: filming (I told you we're models)
Why This Place of All Places: because a theme park is an excellent venue for Physics studies, right!

Enough with the info, let's start...

1. Thank your lucky stars the weather is sunny.
    This is important: how, can you have fun in such a spacious open area if it's raining? Boohoo. Luckily the weather is oh so fine. However, bring your shades and umbrella. 
2. Complain that the weather is sunny.
    After being grateful, now you can swear off the heat as beads of sweat trickle down your face. Complain more if the line at the entrance is so long and you have no choice but to endure the sweltering heat, and the lost precious time that you should be spending inside the park now getting dizzy. Swear more loudly when realize that a buses upon buses are in the parking area, meaning a school is having a field trip here. Meaning you'll have more competition in the field. This is war! Congratulations! Have fun, huh.
tip:  if you are a student, bring your school ID. The discount on the entrance fee is big.

3. Never ever forget your photo op with the Wizard (no, Albus Dumbledore did not resurrect and replaced Mickey Mouse).
Just like at Disneyland, it's a mandatory to have your picture with the mascots. Even though you're as old as this one. It's in the law.

4. Do not pass up another mandatory picture taking here, in front of the Grand Carousel.
    The guy in the yellow shirt below will instruct you to pose here, and of course have a jump shot. For free!
And then you can go see your pictures at their booth and laugh at each other, for free! Then they will ask you what package you want (3R? 4R? Borders?) for only 200 pesos. Walk away now, for free!

5. Watch a kids movie in this 3D theater!
    Don't feel bad about the movie not being new, or that it will only be shown for 10 (?) minutes--hey at least they'll show the most exciting part, because the real excitement here is the 3D part. NO 3D glasses, that is so last 1990s. Instead, you can BE in the scene because of the moving chairs! It's so exciting that they need to put seatbelts on it to make sure you won't fall. Awesome theater is awesome. Roller coaster, beat this. Harhar.

6. Feel old-Hollywood -glamorous while walking down here.
    Vintage America recreated. Not the most exciting part of the park, but don't miss this out. Camwhores love this place though. Tip: pose in front of every store and snap away. It's not everyday you are in America, right? Teehee.

7. Roll around.
    I did not mean roll on the ground. Roll to greater heights! Have fear of heights? Shut up and get in. Or else just go home. Why did you come here anyway? Crake you your neck? (okay, okay I'll stop fighting you.) No, really. Just ride here. Not extreme, not stomach churning, not head spinning, but it will take you to heights like no other rides can.

8. Drink in the view.
    See? This is the price you'll pay for conquering your fears. At the end of the day, you're not the one who lose. Did you die? No. End of discussion.
Sorry for the many aerial shots. i just loooove being on top (er, in the sky).

10. Sit at the edge of Anchors Away.
      Do not even attempt to fight it out in the middle. Bo-ring. All the fun is at the edge! Reach for the sky! Woohoo! P.S. This is my favorite ride (^____^)

11. Say your goodbyes, a silent prayer thanking for your life, then brace yourself.
      This is the very infamous part of the infamous Space Shuttle ride. It's not the actual tossing and turning and twisting mercilessly of your body in the air, it's the time BEFORE your doom starts. You know, the feeling that you are being railed off oh so slowly upwards, making sure you savor every moment of knowing that in seconds you'll meet your untimely death plunge. It's that feeling when you're at the very peak, and the ride cruelly halts---you're shouting obscenities or your goodbyes or the famous line"Ayoko na! Ayoko na!" 

12. Enjoy every second of this torture.
      Hey, it's not everyday that you can turn your body upside down in a neck-breaking speed in ridiculously high railings. Scream and cry all you want. But deep down you know you enjoy (if not why bother lining up for this?), Just say this when you see your feet dangling above your head and the world is way below you: f*yeah, I'm defying gravity! 

13. Cuddle with your sweetheart in the swan.
      You realize you that the lines for Rio Grande Rapid and Log Jam extend all the way to Manila. Boo! You're visit to Enchanted Kingdom is an epic fail. Haha. Don't fret! There is another watery ride that can almost make up for the other two---the Swan Lake! Warning: do not ride this when you're feeling sleepy because you'll likely fall asleep more. Do not, ever, ride this too without your sweetheart. I guarantee you there is absolutely no excitement and action in riding alone, or even with just a friend. Best time: catch the sunset here. It will be romantic. *wink*

14. Tired of riding all the, er, rides? Go back to Rialto.
      After being laid out in the hot unforgiving sun all day, this is one of those places which is airconditioned. Plus, you can get to sit since you wandered throughout the park nonstop. I tell you, the extreme excitement of this super 3D theater will not only hinder your attempt to rest, but in fact it will greatly help it. Put two and two together and you get what I mean. *laughs boisterously*

15. Bond.
      Have nothing to do while waiting for the fireworks? Don't waste it on queuing again on lines that you know are not worth it. Find a place where you can sit down, rest your feet and eyes, and let your mouth do its work for now (if it's not yet all used up by screaming all afternoon). Talk, laugh, share jokes. Like what we did here: Nothing special, just an exchange of jokes. Cure your fatigue with laughter, at the same time, bonding with your friends/companions. It will make the experience more memorable.

16. Bring home a prize.
      It's a carnival, so these games will be ever-present. Use your luck, skill, charm, whatever. Just hit your prize. You have a hundred chances to score! Out of a million though.

17. Find a perfect place to watch the fireworks, and slow dance under them.
     No kidding, this is what we did! Okay, it was staged for filming. But still, it was fun and romantic to watch! Our 2 classmates slow dancing in the middle of the circle we made around them, us holding out flashlights over them because it will be too dark for a footage if we didn't, and at the same time we're holding out our cameras to capture the dance under the fireworks. It was awesome. Hah! Lesson for me though, make sure to fully charge the camera. Because it stupidly went off due to low battery just before the fireworks started. And this was supposed to be the highlight! Argh.
In between fireworks watching and picture-taking, after the slow dance shooting.
18. Take one last group picture before you go.
      Remember, do it in front of the Enchanted Garden (the one with the fountain and carousel in the picture above) which is now enlightened and more beautiful. Or you can also have your picture taken outside the entrance gate, with the sign of Enchanted Kingdom (much better if you can get the Wizard to join you again). Pictures are important okay? That's why I'm giving you extensive instructions regarding them. Haha.
Never mind the date. It was so not 2007. And it was especially not New Year.

Those are just tips on how to make the most of your time in this 'Happy Place'. If you have another trip, fine. Just remember to have fun! Do not be a scrooge, a grump, a killjoy and ride the rides no matter how frightening! (And okay you can call me a killjoy all you want but I will never ever enter the Haunted House!)
And oh, remember to ride the Rio Grande. Haha.
WX-2R class, NASC 3 (Physics)

How to get to Enchanted Kingdom:
(from Los Banos:)
Ride a jeep to Crossing Calamba
There's terminal there in front of Jollibee. Look for the jeep going to Sta. Rosa Waltermart.
Ride a tricycle. Just say Enchanted Kingdom and it will drop you off there directly.

For more information:

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: Enchanted Kingdom, San Lorenzo Rd, Santa Rosa City, Philippines


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