Monday, January 31, 2011

Where to Go in Baguio: Strawberry Farm

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Where: Strawberry Farm
What: time for some fat juicy tasty strawberries!
Strawberry Farm is not actually found in Baguio, but in La Trinidad, Benguet; just a few kilometers from the city. La Trinidad is known as the "Strawberry Fields of the Philippines" so see, people really flock here to pick the coveted fruit. It won't take you an hour to get there, so we hopped on a taxi and hoped to tour it just before night fell. 
There is no entrance fee or anything; you need to pay though if you want to pick strawberries (of course) but I don't know how much. Anyway, there are packed strawberries lined up at the front of the farm or you can buy per kilo. They are also selling authentic strawberry ice cream which they claim to be made of those in the farm. We tried it; it's good and cheap! But I still prefer my somewhat more expensive but really good fave Selecta Gold Strawberry and Berries =) I was also surprised to see the Strawberry Taho, although we did not get to taste them.

Look at them! Ooooh how I wish they grew right here in Manila. I just love strawberries but I can rarely eat real fat  tasty ones, and then I will dip them in condensed milk. Yum! Sigh, all I can have here are strawberry ice creams.

Pretty sunflowers! They also grow here.
I think these are Sagada oranges. We bought a few and I really like them, even though I am not a fan of oranges (mostly because I find it bothersome to remove the seeds).
Such a large expanse of land.

Leafy vegetables! These are very cheap here.

Look at the fog behind us! It was almost enveloping us. It's coooold here (what do you expect? haha). Also, be careful when walking along the vegetable patches. The soil was soft so walk slowly and watch for your step if you do not want to get mud/water on your shoes. The path was narrow so see we have to walk on a single file.

Those umbrella-covered stalls are selling strawberries and strawberry products, also oranges and vegetables. Just a short distance from here are several pasalubong stores with products very much like those in Mines View Park.
TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: La Trinidad, Philippines

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  1. What month of the year did you go to Benguet for strawberry picking? Are there a lot strawberries already?