Monday, January 31, 2011

Where to Go in Baguio: Burnham Park

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Where: Burnham Park
What: strolling, boating, biking
Another favorite place of both locals and visitors in Baguio is the Burnham Park, located at the heart of the city itself and offers many activities you can partake at. Festivals and events are also usually held here. This park is gorgeously designed and very great for photo ops and even just leisure and relaxing walk.


Rent a boat! 100 pesos per hour. Additional fee if you want mamang bankero to row you.
All aboard! Erm, I don't know if I trust my friends enough to row this little boat for us. Haha!
Row, row, row your boat... Concentrating, I see.
Friend, focus on the rowing... Haha. She said it was straining for the arms.
Still goofin'! Quit it and help the others row! :))) Yes, to no avail. He did not.

I did not row too. Haha. Excusez-moi, I'm photographing... (?) Haha. Whatever. Tip: do not go near that fountain, if you don't want to be wet (of course) and don't want to smell funky (frankly, the smell of the water was quite gross already). Another tip: if you don't know where will you bring your boats, look for pretty ladies in other boats and follow them (like what my clown friends did), Warning: do not NOT NOT jump up and down or shake your boat, especially if you are as big as one of my friends. And yes that's what he did. He nearly gave us heart attacks. For pete's sake, god please forgive my companions. :)))))

Now, after an hour, we hurried off to the bicycles area. You can rent one for 20 pesos, and if my memory serves me right, that's for unlimited use already. Or an hour? Haha. I forgot. However, I don't know how to ride a bike (er, I know, loser me). 

So I was left to fend for myself. All I did was

For quite some time, I was not able to see them. Okay, fine. I just walked in the park, all-Lalala and with a camera in hand. I'm gonna go on my own mission here.

Had fun? Yes, they did. Ugh. I wished I grabbed myself a bike and learned how to ride, but I was too afraid of bruises and falling on the unforgiving concrete. Next time? I'll...see to it :P

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3
Location: Baguio City, Philippines


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