Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where to Go: Baguio Adventure summary

Where: Baguio City
What: Summer Capital of the Philippines!
They say when it's getting too hot here in Manila, why not go up to the colder region of the Philippines? And by colder region I mean the most popular one? Baguio City of course! A city nestled in a plateau, which means it's literally in the mountains. Baguio provides a very scenic view from UP ABOVE without needing to literally hike with your own feet. As urban and civilized as one city can get, Baguio can offer you all comforts of home but with bonus amazing views, favorable climate, and foodie-goodies of course. Let me take you on a very DIY tour of the Summer Capital/Pines Capital of our country I made with my friends. Warning though: this is a very unplanned and free trip (for me); I did not shell out even a peso (haha) so don't depend on me for travel budget, but I can surely share our 1 DAY ITINERARY. ^_^

First off, HOW TO GET TO BAGUIO CITY (from Metro Manila):
In Cubao (Quezon City), ride a Victory Liner bus going to Baguio; they have a terminal there. **445 pesos**
We got there at around 9pm. Warning: lines can be really long so if you can call for reservations beforehand much better. After a looong wait we finally boarded! We got deluxe tickets but our bus has no comfort room (deluxe buses w/ comfort rooms cost 700 pesos).
The bus was comfortable. I had a good sleep and did not wake up until a stop over.
For a complete list of schedules:

Since we have no time to figure out how to commute by ourselves in our destinations, and since we're 5, our best friend in getting around the city are the TAXIS. Unlike in Manila, where it's a matter between life or death before you wave your arms to that vehicle, here in Baguio riding taxis will not make you curse. I'm pertaining to the taxi fare. The difference is mile-high. If the flag down rate here in Metro Manila is around 30 or 35 pesos, in Baguio, it's half of that. We did not ride a single jeep, taxi all the way towards ALL our destinations. Anyway, our farthest destination was Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad (outside Baguio already) but it only costed us 70 pesos! In Manila, you'll just blink and the rate is already on to that, ugh.
Manong driver even helping us out with our itinerary, and examining our map. Hihi.

Here's our ITINERARY. For complete details per PLACE I've provided the links below :)

4 AM - arrival at Victory Liner terminal in Baguio
4:30 AM - found a place to stay in, King's Court Pension House
read my post about King's Court HERE

6:30 AM - breakfast and tour st Camp John Hay
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8:30 AM - Mines View Park
read my post about Mines View Park HERE

10 AM - back to King's Court for shower and rest

11:30 AM - lunch at SM Baguio
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1 PM - Baguio Cathedral
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1:30 PM - Burnham Park
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3 PM - quick shopping at Session Road

3:30 PM - Strawberry Farm
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4:30 PM - back to SM Baguio to buy some supplies

5 PM - back to King's Court for shower and rest

6 PM - Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto
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7 PM - dinner at Cafe Zola (Session Road)
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9:30 PM - back to King's Court, had a 'mini-party', and rest

1:30 AM - departure from Victory Liner terminal

6 AM - arrival at Cubao

Sunday - at home, sick with colds and fever, haha

I did not mind at all that this impromptu trip made my body ache with sickness and fatigue, because it was SO WORTH IT because a) it was my first ever longest trip, ever b) it was my longest trip with my barkada c) it was my first time in Baguio d) it was soooo unplanned, I only got notified on the day itself, precisely at around 4pm; we left for Baguio at 9pm! Proof that this was so unplanned: I DID NOT HAVE A JACKET WITH ME, good thing my friend lent me his e) our only travel tool is a large map bought a few hours before departure f) it was free! that's why I agreed to be dragged in this sudden trip in the first place haha
Remember though, if you are travelling in a tight budget and have no financer (unlike me), as always PLAN your itinerary. It will work wonders with your budget.

On my second trip to Baguio, I was able to visit the really cool BenCab Musuem. If you wanna see it too, click HERE.

TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3 
Location: Baguio City, Philippines