Monday, January 31, 2011

Where to Eat in Baguio: Session Road

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Where: Cafe Zola
What: dinner
We have no idea where to eat actually, since we did no research and planning when we came here. Our map has a lists of restaurants in the city but we can't seem to pick one. Seeing that most of them are located in Session Road, we decided to just scout a nice restaurant there.

Walking along Session Road. Hmm where to eat?

Cafe Zola
We chanced upon this restaurant somewhere along our strolling (more like scouting). We were so hungry (all we ate are a few strawberries after lunch) and tired so we plopped down immediately on their soft couches. The place is quite dim and open so the whole resto can be a smoking area. That's the only thing I did not like here, I guess. It made the place hot and quite uncomfortable. Well, it is a gimik place; it seemed that most of the customers were drinking and smoking. We did not came here for chill time though, we were so hungry we need a very loaded meal :P

We made our orders, finally. They serve Western foods like pasta, pizza, steak, burgers, and sandwiches. They were not that expensive though, and the serving was enormous. I ordered carbonara while my friends ordered lasagna and one ordered a steak meal. They did not finish their lasagna because it was quite too heavy and many for a single order, and we still have a pizza and dessert. 

Supreme pizza. I like it, though it was quite oily.
Banana Split

We planned to try the night life of Baguio and even asked our taxi driver where it was thriving. He suggested Padi's Point. However, one of my friends was not quite eager to go clubbing. So we headed back to King's Court. But the night was not over yet! We bought our own party supplies (read: chips a-nd DRINKS). I won't tell you what we drank but after 2 bottles we were all speaking English and having some very intelligent conversations and my friend (the girl) was insisting to go across the street to 7-11 even though it's midnight already and we were all in no condition to go outside to buy chocolates even though she was scared but we were just laughing at her. It was so funny! I remembered blabbering in English, haha, and then finally we fell asleep (my friend did not go to 7-11, thank god). At around 1 am, my friend woke us up telling us he bought us tickets already and we need to pack up. What? When? We were all asleep. He said he snuck out earlier and went outside himself. Uh, okay. That was weird, haha. Anyway, we left immediately for the terminal.
So, it's goodbye Baguio. My 1 day adventure ends here. I had so much fun.

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TIME OF MY LIFE. <3 <3 <3

Location: Baguio City, Philippines


  1. another thing, I love your pictures! they're way better than mine. haha

    1. haha thaaaanks it's 'cause i edited them. ang sipag ko lang hahaha :)